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  • Some keys of my ASUS laptop are not working

    Are you having problems with the keys on your laptop's keyboard? Let computer hardware experts advise you on the best solution to sticky keys.

    I am having an ASUS laptop since July 2018 and it is working quite well except that for a few days, some of the keys on the keyboard are not working properly. It needs more pressure during typing or sometimes does not work at all. What could be the possible reason? What is the solution to this problem? Will the re-installation of the device drive solve the problem? Should I repair the keyboard of the laptop by myself?
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  • You can gently clean the laptop keyboard (underneath as well) as it might have stuck with some dust or particles that disturbs for regular function. This happens normal once in few months or year due to no protection or cover on the keyboard. You can use the keyboard external cover for safe and better longevity.

    If everything is cleaned and well protected it and still found issues then you may try to use and install the Keyboard Driver to cross check it. Before that, Try to disable Filter keys and check whether the key is more responsive. If yes, Enable it. If no, need some technical work, like its driver installing.

    If the problem is not solved yet even after cleaning or driver installing etc., you can then refer the following link for its solution that would help your laptop for smooth key function.

  • You can take up the following measures in case some keys of ASUS Laptop are not working-
    1) Check up the entire assembly.
    2) Very often, cleaning of the keyboard would resolve your issue.
    3) After cleaning, it should start its functioning.
    4) Even after cleaning, it is not in the working condition, replace the same with the new keyboard.
    5) Setting of the languages being used should be correct.
    6) Ensure the keyboard settings are correct.
    7) The system is to be scanned to see if any malware is functioning.
    8) Finally, reinstall the keyboard driver.
    Hope this could resolve your issues.

  • 1, These days we are getting a special cleaning liquid for computers. Use that liquid which will evaporate easily and clean the keyboard. Most probably your problem will get resolved. I faced a similar problem and by cleaning the problem is sorted out.
    2. If the problem is not settled by the above step, then please see a computer hardware engineer. He will see your laptop and do the needful. He will study the whole system and understand the problem well. Generally, the charges are also very reasonable and the service they give is good.
    3. If the service engineer suggests you go for a new one then only you go for a new one. Otherwise, it is better to continue with the old one after getting it repaired.

    always confident

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