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  • How to update Aadhar card offline?

    Want to update some details on your Aadhar card through an offline procedure? Check out how to do so from the advisory given below.

    I was going through a few articles on the Aadhar card update process here for the offline process and found that it is a little different now in its approach at the office. So, confusion still persists and I have not updated it. What are the basic requirements? That is, what are the basic procedures for updating the Aadhar card in offline mode (not online)?
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  • Aadhaar is the Identification Document issued by Government of India under UIDAI. The application and procurement of the document was a big thing as the population in the country was so vast. And therefore the chances of errors, omissions and mistake were and are high.

    If you are someone who have some mistakes in the Document, know that you are not alone. And if you need to complete the procedure offline, you can visit the Akshaya Centres for the same. Please make a call to the near centre before going as they may be providing the service only on selected days. It is also said that the same can be done in Head Post Offices also. Anyway, the call is important, do make it and proceed.

  • Aadhar Card is the identification document formulated by the Central Government and is released by the same authority for unique identification number under the scheme of UADI. There was the time say ten years back when the Aadhar Centres were operative on most of the working days for the formalities of a New Aadhar Card to be issued to the beneficiaries apart from some corrections for the mistakes crept in during the process of release Aadhar Card.
    In case of any discrepancy which you are observing in your Aadhar Card, the same can be corrected through the Aadhar Centres operating in your areas. For your convenience, you might contact the personnel deputed for undertaking corrections/ correction with your personal request so that the convened staff is available on the said date. Otherwise, he might fix up a date as per convenience to get your document corrected. Be present on the date fixed by him. Even the Head Post Office of your area can sort out your problem provided you approach them on their working days.

  • You can visit the local municipal corporation office; in Punjab; the Government of Punjab opened Suvidha Centres in every city and one can reach Suvidha center and get many services i.e. Adhaar Card; Data of Birth/Death Certificates etc.

    You can avail services of local administration where you are residing. Many nationalized bankers, and post offices also give services for the same with nominal charges.

  • You want to update your Aadhar card offline. For this, you have to visit a nearby Aadhaar Enrolment Centre or Aadhaar Seva Kendra. The primary objective of this Aadhaar enrolment centre is to enrol new members and see that they will get their Aadhaar cards. In addition to that, they will provide assistance to Aadhaar card holders for updating. For the first time, the services are free but subsequent services will be chargeable and the charges are nominal. You will get the details of such centres near you will be obtained on the official website of UIDAI. There you will get the phone numbers of the service providers and you can call them and tell them your area of residence, Then they will guide you to the centre where your work will be done. You can visit that place and get the work done. SOme selected post offices also are providing this service. You can visit your nearest head post office and ask them about this process and they will do the needful.

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