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  • Document verification related query

    Worried about a problem arising with document verification due to incorrect placement of the father's name in the academic documents when studying in a different State? Learn how to resolve this issue.

    If a student has passed Matric from the CBSE Board and takes admission in a diploma course in engineering in Gujarat in a private university, but in Gujarat, the student's name is written as- Surname- Student's name - Father's name, will there be a problem in the document verification process when taking up a Govt. job? I would like to know as applicable to both Gujarat and Maharashtra.
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  • I suggest you to approach and apply to change or update the Full name what they did (later) in Gujarat to match the past Documents (of Maharashtra). Doing correction in the early stage would be far better.

    Most of the time, surname here and there (replacing it in first or last) is ignored by authority upon personal explanation or presence upon verification to let them know the real situation. However, many times upon document verification, you won't be there to explain what has had happened on respective credentials, specially Full name parameter changes.

    Also, Automated system won't accept it since these days many are automated system and you can't explain it to the system about the changes happened to accept it. Make sure, all the educational Certificates (including Aadhar or Voter ID or PAN or Passport etc.) are matching with the Full name and other required info as it is to avoid unnecessary hassle in the future.

    We get similar query now and then, you can go through this for Name differences on SSC / HSC marksheet for more answers.

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