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  • What are the common tools required for online tutoring?

    Keen to start a career in online coaching? Find out what are the easiest functional devices and equipment required to start such a venture and whether there are any institutes in Delhi that would provide basic coaching on how to use the devices.

    I am planning to start online tutoring after my retirement. As I am not efficient in using a desktop/laptop and associated devices and accessories, I would like to know what is the simplest equipment necessary for the purpose? What is the cost involved? Is there any institute in Delhi that coaches interested online teachers to use this equipment?
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  • Generally, a teacher with offline teaching experience will excel well in online teaching also. To become an online tutor there are no special qualifications required. One should be able to work on their laptop or desktop and should also know how to make PowerPoint presentations. For this, you can join any computer institute and learn the basics so that you will become conversant in using a Laptop/ desktop for showing the material on the screen. There are many sites that are taking teachers for online tutoring. Generally. they will ask the person to take an online class with some of its students so that they can assess your teaching abilities.
    Another issue is at what level do you want to teach? For High school or primary school or college level? Based on that your subject expertise should also get improved. I suggest you to join in some tutorial college and start teaching so that you will get some understanding about the problems in teaching. is one site where there are opportunities for online tutoring. You can visit their site for further details.

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  • If you know how to handle Google Classroom (with code) or Zoom etc. then you are almost 50% ready to become online tutor. The rest is what you know the subject knowledge to share with your student in a different form including verbal, text, graph and reference link for better understanding etc.

    The following tools would help you for online tutor.

    1. Google Classroom
    2. Zoom
    3. Dialpad
    4. Visme
    5. TutorsClass
    6. Writinghouse
    7. 4Teachers

    You would time to time learn the latest tools and features to add in your training class. Like, stick note is one of them. Also, Laptop (with cam) or Tab (with cam) or Smartphone with earphone is sufficient to take the classes.

  • The minimum equipment required for online tutoring is a laptop with a cam facility or a smartphone with a front camera. The other thing is a platform through which one can coach the students and realise the fee etc through the architecture of that website. Those who have a good knowledge of any subject can register on these sites and start coaching and tutoring. Once the message about the tutor spreads, especially when his teachings are of value and liked by the students, the volume of disciples increases and brings more revenue for the tutor.
    Some of the good tutoring sites popular in India are WONK, Preply, Trivium, LearnPick, Skooli, Vedantu, Teacheron, Educastream, Eclassopedia, Smarthinking, TutorVista, Studypool, Verbling etc. It would be advisable that a person interested in tutoring and making a career in it should visit these sites and find out the modalities and terms and conditions of tutoring and then decide as in which site one would like to start this work.
    There is a good rush of tutors online and it is imperative that one has to make a place for himself that would definitely require hard work of sincere level to attract students to the particular courses in a stream as per the core strength of the tutor.

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  • If you want to be proficient and want to earn popularity as a online tutor. You should not forget the important basics of the subjects with which you will be dealing with your students.You have to have expertise of the entire subject so that in course of teaching, you can efficiently handle the students irrespective of the class they are teaching.
    In relation to the course materials, there should not be any compromise of the basics of subjects regardless of the modes being chosen from your end. However, offline line classes might prove somewhat easy for the tutors since it does not involve the use of smartphone with the camera facility or even laptop has not been used either.
    First of all, you have to be conversant with the different tools such as Vedantu, Skooli, Studypool, Google Class Room etc so that you might conduct your classes but before you are selected as an online tutor, you would evaluated for your intrinsic potentials in your teaching area by the organisers of such platforms and once you know how to teach the students in the online mode, it would not be difficult to go ahead with such a mode. Only important thing is your presentation your presentation skills in this area. It is your understanding of the subject that will pay you a rich dividends and popularity with time.

  • Nowadays, many people taking online classes for which no extra qualification is required. One should have a laptop with cam facility. One should know how to operate laptop and having basic knowledge of computer. You can gain computer related knowledge by seeing video of YouTube channel. Thesedays, you will find many power point presentation related video on YouTube channel which is essential requirement for becoming online tutor. Besides, you should be expertise in your subject in which you want to start teaching. Communication skill is also important for this field. If you are interested in online tutoring then you can visit this popular sites such as vedantu, studypool, byjus etc.

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