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  • Is their any organisation who can distribute the left over food from parties to slums

    Want to send leftover food from functions to the less privileged? Get a list of organizations that arrange for pick up and distribution of leftover food to the poor.

    As you all know lots of food is being wasted daily at parties and restaurants and on the other hand, lots of people sleep without food daily. Roti bank came up with the idea of distributing the leftover food from parties and restaurants to the needy and to slum areas. Although Roti bank is doing excellent work, sometimes it happens that their members are busy. I just wanted to know whether there is any other NGO or organization who are doing the same work or can help me in the process of distribution of leftover food.
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  • The following are some of the organisations that are undertaking this activity.
    1. Robin Hood Army: Robin Hood Army is a non-government organisation. They collect food from function halls and restaurants and distribute it to needy persons. It is located in 41 cities in India. Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Pune and other big cities their services are available.
    2. Feeding India Donate Food: It is also an NGO to address hunger and malnutrition. They will also undertake the above service. They are operating in almost 100 cities in India.
    3. Roti Bank by Dabbawalas: This is an NGO started by Dabbawalas in Mumbai. They collect food from even individuals also and distribute the same to the needy.
    4. Wrap It. Don't Waste Food: This is a Chennai based organisation that serves the poor with food by collecting the food from various sources.
    5. Santhimandiram: This is an organisation based in Kerala. They provide shelter to orphans. They collect food and supply it to the poor in Kerala State only.
    6. No Food Waste: This is also an NGO and working on this aspect only. Their services are available in Andhra Pradesh. Tamilnadu. Kerala and Telangana.

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  • There are many organisation which are indulge in this kind of activity. Some of the famous organisation are as:-
    1.Shelter Don Bosco - This organisation is located in Mumbai which donate food. It has been working since 1987. And this organization helps children who are the victims of abuse, poverty, and abandonment. So, they accept to donate food if it is transported by 8 p.m. And you have to be informed beforehand for donation.
    2. Mera Parivar- This one is Gurgaon based NGO works primarily on the fields of education. But they also collect foods for they needy. So, they distribute foods to the underprivileged children who study. And they collect foods from the restaurants, weddings, and from the house of someone.
    3. Samarpan Foundation- It is also a non-profit organization who provides food to the needy. And they work in other organizations also like education, healthcare, orphanages, and rehabilitation programs. So, samarpan collects food from your doorsteps, if informed beforehand. Otherwise, they request you to send a food at the place. And they are very specific about the hygiene and health care
    4.Annakshetra- This organisation is located in Jaipur. It was the first to start this donate food trend in 2010. And they work mainly for daily wage workers, waste workers, vegetable markets, and malnourished children, etc. So, they generally collect foods at night. And their medical experts provides the food a thumbs up then only it is provides to the needy.
    5.Robin Hood Army: It is one of the famous non-government organisation. They collect food from restaurants and distribute it to needy persons. It is located in different cities in India. Their service are available in all big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Pune etc.

  • We are unfortunate in the sense that hundreds of people of our country go to bed in empty stomach each night and this disappointing situation can be averted if we make a commitment to help them. Needless to say tonnes of food items from the hotels, restaurants and in the marriage parties are wasted which could otherwise be fed to the disadvantaged class of people.
    There are some organisations doing their jobs actively in feeding the starved people and some such organisations doing their selfless jobs are indicated below-
    1) Roti Robin Hood, Delhi - This organisation was by some young professionals collecting the unserved food from restaurants/ hotels so that it could reach to hungry. Within a very short period, it has included 4,000 odd volunteers operational in 30 cities to serve 15,000 meals in a week.
    2) Roti Bank, Bengaluru- This is existing in the area outside the city hospital where 25 volunteers are engaged for the distribution of free foods to the poor and helpless with their active participation.
    3) Dadi Ki Rasoi , Delhi - This venture provides foods and clothes to the disadvantaged people at Rs 5/- and Rs 10/- respectively. The foods are prepared from desi ghee providing authentic taste to the needy.
    4) Dabba Wala, Mumbai- This association came up with a plan to offer foods to the needy and the homeless people of the city. This association collects the leftover foods for the needy and homeless people of the city. With their dedicated efforts, foods are not wasted with the proper distribution of the food stuffs to the needy otherwise, it could have gone in waste.
    5) Mobile Langar, Amritsar- This location was established way back in 2016 by Sri Atul Khatri who takes strenuous pain in the collection of food materials left out by near Gurudwara and these foods find its ways to feed the people suffering from hunger. It is indeed a noble task taken up by Mr Khatri to take care of the disadvantaged people.

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