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  • Who are the major competitors of Google AdSense?

    Are you having your own blog or site and are thinking if there are any competitive ad services similar to Google AdSense? Find out who are the major competitors in this similar field of generating revenue through advertising.

    When we browse any page or article or even view a video on YouTube, we see an advertisement that is displayed by Google AdSense. It pays the blog/site owner for the revenue generated through the ad if his or her account is approved. I want to know who are the major competitors of Google AdSense in the same field?
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  • Google AdSense is the best pay-per-click (PPC) program on the web, It is used on more than 10 million websites. AdSense is very reliable and offers publishers a fair share of revenue generated. Even though it is the best among the available, there are some alternatives also. Some of such sites are mentioned below. It is run by Bing and Yahoo. This offers ads for desktop and mobile. I heard that the earnings are almost on par with google AdSense.
    2. PropellerAds: It is a fast-growing platform. It provides opportunities for both new and old blog sites. This is known for popunder ads.
    3. Monumetric: This is formerly known as The Blogger Network. This will run on a cost-per-impression model instead of a cost-per-click.
    4. Revcontent: It is the best for exceptional content-publishing websites with high traffic, looking for targeted native ads.
    5. Adversal: It is a self-serve advertising service. No human assistance is required to the publishers tto purchase and publish ads.
    6. Bidvertiser: Here the advertisement space will be sold instead of publishing the adds on their behalf.
    The above are some of the best services available. There are many other similar services are there.

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  • There are some sites that have a revenue-sharing model with the writers or content providers through clicks on the advertisement managed by them on various internet sites but Google Adsense is the biggest among them in regards to the number of members as well as the number of sites where it operates. It is highly reputed and has an excellent history of providing shared advertising revenue to its members. It is of course sad to note that the amount of revenue that used to be there earlier is dwindling with time and only when views are in good numbers one can expect a payout from Adsense.
    There are many other such sites as - Media, PropellerAds, Monumetric, Revcontent, Adversal, Mediavine, Bidvertiser, SHE Media, Taboola, ylliX, RevenueHits, Adcash, BuySellAds, Skimlinks, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Sovrn //Commerce, PopCash, Setupad, AdRecover, PopAds etc.
    One can go to these sites and find out their salient features. Some sites are more useful for a particular type of advertising campaign while some are good for blogs. At the same time, some are more inclined to affiliate marketing while others are good for new publishers. So, one can find the details about them and choose one as per one's need and liking.

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  • As far as I know and many do agree that nothing is famous than Google Adsense and the earnings start from the time the thread is hoisted and the earnings are good because the visit to pages are also very stupendous. Some earning potential means are available but that is not comparable to Google adsense. Most of the revenue making means are for blogging but Google adsense is for every post you raise on the internet and that should be spam free. What I came to know through 15 years experience on the internet, the earning through the Google adsense is formidable, reliable and consistent, whereas other competitors services are not that famous nor can be trusted for such good earnings. However it is left to the discretion of the author to decide which revenue sharing site be opted to earn through the internet contents.

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  • Google Ad Scene has been operative since 2003 and has achieved its distinction as a good paying platform for the bloggers. It is an excellent platform for the bloggers to make huge money from this site since its inception. Even the bloggers have sufficient passion for this website, earnings can be multiplied manifold in their spare time. However numerous platforms have come up proving these websites as the best alternatives and a few such websites are indicated below so that bloggers can maximise their earnings with their engagements in the sites mentioned below-
    1) Media Net - Media Net is being run by Yahoo and is known for one of the largest contextual ad net work. It allows the bloggers to access to contact reputed publishers so that the bloggers can maximise their earnings.
    2)Amazon Native Shopping Ad - It is the topmost e-commerce site having its conversion rate substantially higher than the other commerce site competitors. With a little effort, bloggers can easily earn cool money. If the bloggers would like to have any purchase after clicking the ad, they are entitled to get attractive commissions for their painstaking efforts.
    3) Adversal - Adversal is a self service platform allowing the bloggers to get ad settings in just a few minutes. This interface allows the convenience of starting, stopping and pausing companies as per their wills thus making it easy to use this platform as per their desire.Once the setting is done, the blogger can use their work in their preferred timings. The bloggers would be required to review at least 50,000 in a month so as to have the decent earnings.
    4) Skim Link - This platform allows the bloggers to focus on their websites without much worry for setting up their links. By joining this site, the bloggers would have direct aces access to a global Network and also can trace out merchants offerings special commissions from the connected publishers through their preferred part times.
    5) Infolink - it is a global advertisement platform aiming at delivering grand messages to the users. With the use of smart algorithms to determine relevance and paying equal interests the bloggers can deliver relevant ads at the optimal levels.

  • Infolinks
    Amazon display ads
    SHE Media
    And there are many more and we can also create our own

    But the best is Google Adsense.

  • As of today, nobody is there to compete with Google. Let us see what are the alternatives to Google AdSense. As said by many experts already here, the best alternatives to Google AdSense are:

    1. Infolinks
    3. Outbrains
    4. BuySellAds
    5. Criteo
    6. LeadsLeap
    7. Taboola

    I can see that some annoying pop-up ad networks are mentioned in some of the previous answers here. Google search also, recommends many irrelevant ad networks like PopAds, PopCash, Revenue Hits, Propeller Ads, CPX24, A-Ads, etc., if you search best alternatives to Google AdSense.

    These are not really alternatives to Google Adsense. These ad networks often execute annoying pop-up ads and frequently display ads that are not for children. If it happens, your site may lose credibility among your hard-earned visitors.

    In my experience, Google AdSense itself is the best available ad network for publishers as well as advertisers. It has a well-established infrastructure and enough technology to handle its advertisement flow.

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