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  • Can I delete Storage Booster data to release space on my smartphone

    Constantly getting a message that the storage capacity on your smartphone is up to its maximum limit? Quickly know from tech experts how to clear the storage data on your Samsung smartphone, understanding what is important to retain and what can be safely deleted.

    I am using a Samsung smartphone. Nowadays it always displays storage is full. So almost every day I have to delete media and messages manually and release space. Yet, even then, within a short time, it again gets filled up.

    Under Apps, I am seeing that something called "Storage Booster" has data of 1.26 GB apart from the cache. Generally, I clear only the cache as I do not have much technical knowledge.

    Now, my doubt is whether it is okay and harmless to clear data in full from the 'storage booster' app? Also, in what other apps I can safely clear data to release space? Note that WhatsApp also holds data of more than 3 GB.
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  • In every mobile phone there are some inbuilt cleaners which can be run to clean the phone from the unwanted data like junk files, notifications, cache data, duplicate files etc. These cleanings actions are generally prompted by the phone by asking such questions. But it is only the tip of the iceberg and actual cleaning is to be done by the phone owner from time to time. For doing that there are many methods. One method is to go to the gallery and physically remove the images, videos etc one by one or selecting all the unwanted files and deleting at one go. Though many people do like that but it is a time taking method. The better way is to go to the folders where high data is stored and delete the unwanted one.
    For achieving this one should go to the file manager which is a default app in the mobile and then go to the different folders like 'Whatsapp' or 'DCIM' or 'Download' or 'Document' etc and select all the files there and delete in one go. If you have some important file that you want to keep then it would be advisable to create a separate folder and give it a name like 'Personal data' or 'Imp data' and move the important files to them before deleting all the files in the standard folders as mentioned above. There is not much technique in that and with little practice one can learn that.
    In case you do not find a file manager app in your phone then you can go to the play store and install one from there. There are many apps there for file manager job and by seeing its rating, number of downloads, and some reviews one can decide to use it.

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  • A storage booster is a tool that will be deleting useless catchy files safely from your smartphone and improves the performance of your phone. The storage booster will remove data from your phone but it will never consume any of the storage space of your phone. If you want you can disable this storage booster. You can do that by following the few steps.
    1. Go to Settings and from there to Biometrics and security.
    2. Go down to the bottom of the screen and tap on "Device care"
    3. Then tap on "Storage"
    4. Then tap on "Storage booster"
    5. Switch off the "Auto delete unnecessary data"
    Then your storage booster will not be functioning.
    You can delete the data that is not useful in the following ways
    1. Clear the Cache.
    2. Store the photos and videos on online drives like google drive or one drive and then delete them from your phone. Once you store the photos online drives, you can remove all the phones without any selection from your phone.
    3. By storing all your date also on online drive like one drive, you can remove those files also from your phone which will make a lot of free space on the phone.

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  • The key to the issue is to identify and adjust the amount of memory you require in your device. For example, if you are a person who likes to and clicks a lots of photos in your smartphone, or a person who uses streaming apps, etc. you would require a bigger phone i terms of memory.

    Now, as your phone is showing notification regarding memory almost full, it simply denotes that the default memory in your hone have been nearly utilised to full. You may be facing difficulty in installing new apps from the Play Store and when trying to send in big files to the device. You can try the following methods:

    1. The cache that the device insists to remove. Here, cache is not a permanent solution though. Because, cache are files the device stores by itself to load up the frequently used apps. So technically it is not something that you actually don't need. It is intended to make the device perform faster. But, as a quick solution, these can be deleted as there is not danger if they are deleted.
    2. Use the Storage Analyser in the device (mostly in the File Explorer) and see what is taking up the space. Then identify what can be deleted (may be some old movies that you forget to remove, or some videos you recorded with camera, etc).
    3. Identify rarely used apps in the device that can be removed, and get rid off them.
    4. Back up your photos to some cloud or SD Cards (if they are in the internal memory) and delete them from the phone memory.
    5. And finally, the last step. If you are confused about what's needed and what's not, and is okay with memories and nostalgia being lost, Reset the Device to the Factory Settings - which i turn will delete the phone's data and gives you the device as you got it for the first time (internally, not physically).

  • In case, you are getting notifications indicating that storage is full in your smartphone, it would be easy for you to look for unused apps and cached datas making rooms on your device. With a little cleaning operation, you can make considerable space in your smartphone.
    The following points are to be taken care of -
    1) Check up your iPhone storage- You will have to examine which app/ apps on your smartphone has/ have occupied the maximum space and then go in for deleting the same. In that way, the biggest hurdle occupying unnecessary space can be tackled.
    The following approach for Androids may be taken up-
    1) In setting, select the device care.
    2) Click on storage
    3) From there, you can identify the origin from where the space has been occupied.
    In case of iPhone, proceed as follows-
    1) Tap on settings
    2) Choose the general
    3) From there select, select iPhone storage.
    4) At the top of the screen, you can check up to what extent the storage has been occupied on your iPhone taking the most space. Even you can access how much memory is left.
    There are a few options which need to be taken care of -
    2) Remove the backup photos, videos, music from your smartphone to the cloud. In that way, you will have huge space. In context of music, keep those music which you like most and the remaining can be eliminated to make space.
    3) Clear the cache - Clearing up the cache on iPhone would vary depending upon the source from where it has been originated. If you suspect that a third party is causing performance issues, you can go in individual app to locate the options to clear the cache. If no cache exists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the preferred apps.

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