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  • Excel sheet duplicate data recovery steps

    Do yuo have a query about recovery in excel sheet? Searching for detailed steps to recover data? Here, on this page our experts shall respond to your question by giving you detailed step by step procedure.

    I am working as a software engineer & am using Windows 10, M.S Excel >> for one column >> data >> removed duplicate data's using remove duplicate data option & saved Excel sheet. Now I want to recover those (duplicate data + original data ) data. Can you share step by step opinion to select /formula & process to recover all data?
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  • You can follow the following methods.
    A. The deleted files will be in Recycle Bin. Whatever files or data you deleted will take shelter in Recycle Bin. So you can recover the date from this by following the following steps.
    1, The Recycle Bin is to be opened.
    2. Look for the item you want to recover back.
    3. Then you have to right-click on the item your want to restore. A list will drop down and in that click on the restore option.
    4. The item will get restored in the place from where you have deleted the same.
    B. Backups: It is always better to back up the data using the File History option. You can recover the item you have deleted using this File history portion, The following are the steps.
    1, Go to the taskbar; s search box and Type restore files in the box.
    2. The list will come and select restore your files with File History.
    3. File history will open and identify the file you want to recover
    4. Then you can select restore to recover the file to its original location,
    C. There are many data recovery software and many people recommend Disk Drill data recovery software. Using this you can recover the data.
    1. Download and install the above-mentioned Sele software.
    2. Then you have to select the storage device in which you have stored the data,
    3, Scan the data and select the deleted items.
    4. Select the files
    5. Then you click on the restore button.

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  • There are two things that we have to distinguish here. First is that if you have accidentally deleted an excel file then obviously you have to go to the recycle bin and restore that file. That is what usually we do.
    The second point is that if you have by mistake or accidentally erased or deleted a part of the excel file like a sheet or some data then your file is modified and has to be brought back to the previous stage where data was not deleted. Please note that for achieving this one must have enabled the windows backup setting before working. If it was not enabled then the restore would not work. For this, you have to go to 'My Computer' and find the folder where this excel file is residing. Once that is found then you have to click on the 'Restore previous versions'. The screen will show some of the previous versions saved datewise and now you choose one of the old versions where you feel that the deleted data might appear. Select it and it will show that file where data was not deleted. Save it and you get the data restored. If you are using an old version of excel where this facility for getting backup through windows is not there then you would not be able to retrieve that deleted data.

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  • Here the problem is that the workbook has already been closed after changes and this eliminates the possibility of the "undo" or "redo" function in an excel file. My suggestion will be to ask the source to share another file.

    I would also suggest you please keep a copy of the original file in a separate folder or in a pen drive to avoid these mistakes in the future.

  • Please note that the undo feature works only until you opened the excel file and once you closed the file then this will not work. Now, you can restore your old data if you have any backup for the same otherwise no way to recover the same; sorry no one can recover the same.

    These days, I had stopped working with Microsoft Excel and switched to Google Sheets as the Google Sheets have much more functions in Google Sheet we can restore the previous version of Google Sheet we can share the sheet with many users and can assign sharing rights as required.

  • For one column >> data >> removed duplicate data's using remove duplicate data option & saved Excel sheet. Now I want to recover those (duplicate data + original data ) data.

    Do not follow the above steps given by different members and they may trouble you even more. Straight to the answer for your query...

    As per your concern, after removing the duplicate data and saved in Excel sheet, and, would like to recover them back even after saved it. You just do the following steps without closing the worksheet.

    Use Ctrl+Z option (one time only) to get back the deleted duplicate data's immediately even after saved it. I repeat it will work to recover the duplicate data even after saved the sheet (except completely closing the Excel file or worksheet after saved). That's it.

    If you have completely closed the Excel or Worksheet then it won't work but the other option left is "recover an Excel file through previous version" setting and its long process.

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