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  • Query related to document verification

    Have a question regarding document verification? Want to know if any document is valid if it does not have the signature of father or mother or a guardian? Find responses from experts here.

    In my class 10 (CBSE) certificate my maternal uncle has signed in place of the signature of father/mother/guardian during receiving it.
    Will it create a problem in document verification?
    What can be issue with that?
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  • No problem. If your father/mother/guardian has to sign, your school will not hand it over to you by taking the signature of your maternal uncle. At the time of certificate verification, they will see the name of you and your father, the DOB or correct or not but not who signed while receiving the certificate. So don't. worry about that and concentrate on your studies. There will not be any issue with that.

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  • Your uncle has signed just as acknowledgement of receipt of the certificate only. This becomes relevant only if you/parents dispute and claim you have no received the certificate.

    Otherwise document verification means only verifying the original document-here the original 10 th CBSE certificate- (comparing it with the copies you would have summited if any.)and ensuring the information summited by you are correct and also you have the prescribed eligibility in regard to pass/marks/grade or any other basic detail available and sourced from the certificate.

    So in the present case just because your uncle has signed the acknowledgement of receiving the certificate does not cause any problem in document verification.

  • It does not matter who has signed in place of your parents while receiving the class ten certificate of class ten Board conducted by CBSE. In lieu of parents, the acknowledgment letter has been signed by your maternal uncle for which no dispute came up from your parental side. Moreover the certificate is within your possession and the document verification authority would verify the correctness of your name and date of birth as indicated in your admit card of class ten.
    If the same is matching as shown in the admit card, the verification process would be over providing you clearance in respect of document verification.
    It would be immaterial who has signed the acknowledgment letter on behalf of parents.

  • As you have said that your name and your parent's name are correctly mentioned in the certificate then there is absolutely no problem for you in this matter because that is the only thing that the authorities check at the time of document verification. The signature of the receiver is only a formality that someone in the family residing at the door number and address has received it. So do not worry about this matter.

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  • As mentioned above, signature has been done by maternal uncle in place of parents signature. There is no need to be worried about it because signature is done just for acknowledgement of receipt of the certificate. It would not create any problem. At the time of document verification they will check your name, date of birth,marks and other relevant information as indicated in your admit card of class ten. It doesn't matter who has signed at the receivers place.

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