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  • Why my spouse hnot filed the divorce case even after 4 months separation , what suppose to be in her

    Facing marital issues and wife is not wiling to return homw nor divorce? Looking out for the best possible solution? On this our experts have responded to your query so that you can decide forward plan of aciton.

    My arranged marriage happened Jun 2018. We fougsht for small issue and afterwards we compromised and lived together. After one year I left my wife to her parents house and went to Saudi Arabia for earnings. From there the problems started. They are asking for my full salary and I shouldn't ask expenses and savings from her. Whatever she is giving from my salary I must use for that purpose only. She will not come to the house and I also want to get her permission to go to my house.

    Then I argued a lot and delivered harsh words to her family. After two years I returned home but they are not sending my wife, and not allowing me to meet her.

    At last, her father said to me: you file a divorce case and we will give you the divorce. And then I said I'm not interested to file the case and they said that they will not send her daughter to me. This happened 4 months before and up-to now they didn't move for divorce and are not allowing me to meet her. There is no contact with her.

    I don't what to do.

    I asked apology and they didn't accept it. They not believe me

    What shall I do?? Can anyone give some suggestions.
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  • The matter in this question appears quite similar to another question asked in this section titled "What are the steps to be taken if a spouse doesn't agree for a divorce or to live together?"

    Editors may review both questions and do needful

    I had given my suggestion in that question. For this question also my suggestions are in same lines.

    But in addition let me add that, the husband has to do his side sincere and honest efforts to get back the love and confidence from the woman. The narration itself gives a doubt as to whether the husband was fair towards the wife who would have been feeling fish out of water after the husband left for abroad. It was just natural that she felt difficult in the in- laws house in the absence of husband. Time and distance has widened the confidence gap and things have resulted to this extend.

    However every problem has a solution .There is a way if there is real will. It may need some real sincere and honest and ego-less efforts to regain the lost love and confidence.

    Try your best .Then go for other extreme alternatives.

  • The similar problem was raised in the Ask Expert Query sometimes back having more or less resembling relating to issues. I had offered my suggestions in that query so that you could come out from the present impasse.
    Here I would offer you a practical solution based on your confession.
    It appears that your attachment with your wife has not died down but your relationship could survive with the mutual talks between you two. However there is a great impediment in the restoration of the normal relationship between you couple since your wife is residing with her parents jeopardising the normal talking activities which could have eased the strained relationship.
    The situation is somewhat complex but not difficult either. In this contest, you need to meet a reputed lawyer offering suggestions for your favour after examining the entire details. You have to honest in your assertions so that the lawyer could an appropriate step in your case.
    Your lawyer might involve your wife for knowing her emotions for her desire for togetherness and for that purpose, he might send an email to your wife requesting her to be present in his chamber so that there could be smooth talk between the lawyer and your wife.
    If she is showing her willingness to live with you, counselling sessions might be arranged between you in presence of counselling authorities with their patient hearing of your grievances. In that way, the strained situation could be streamlined.
    If she is in no mood for such a healthy relationship, your lawyer could suggest you for divorce to be taken from your end.
    In that case, you need to take up proactive steps to part with this complex relationship. Follow the advice of your lawyer to sort out this issue.

  • What is your intention? You want to live with her or you want to divorce her.
    In case you want to continue living with her, please contact a lawyer and give him/ her the complete history and all facts. You tell the lawyer that you want to be together with her and are not interested in divorce. The lawyer may give her a lawyer notice asking her to come and join you and he will also specify a time period. If she is having any inclination she may reply to that notice. Your lawyer can even meet her and her family members and explain to them what are the repercussions if they are ignoring you now. If any sense prevails she may come. If there is no positive reply from her, you have to approach the court in which you should mention that your in-laws are not allowing you to meet your wife. Anyhow your lawyer will word it properly.
    I think the parents are only stopping her to go from them. These days many parents are spoiling their daughters and encouraging them to get separated from their husbands. If she refuses to come, you need not give her any compensation also.

    always confident

  • As mentioned above, your cases seems little complicated but you need not to be upset. You should have patience till final result. As per my suggestion, If your partner are not agree for filing divorce case then you must consult good lawyer and tell whole story. You tell them about your wish also. If she is not willing to file a divorce case then your lawyer will give legal notice to your wife regarding returning home. If she is having interest in you definitely she will reply. If she doesn't give positive response that means her parents are supportive. Her parents also want money from you. And you should blame over in-laws also. Your lawyer will explain everything in court and finally If she doesn't t come to your house you should not give compensation. I wish you win this case.

  • Marital relations are based on mutual respect, corporation, understanding, and faith between the couple. If that is lost then there is no point in staying with each other. We have heard the story from your side and we do not know the perception of your wife in this matter. So believing your words it seems a case in which either the girl's parents have misled her and instigated her against you or the girl herself does not want to live with you. The strange thing is that in spite of all this they want money from you.
    It is also clear that there is no scope for compromise between you and your wife as you have already shown your good gestures asking for pardoning for the harsh words spoken by you in anger.
    If you ask for divorce then your case would become weak as that party would ask for compensation and monthly alimony for your wife for her survival and it would be a financial burden on you. Court also have a favourable attitude for the women who prove that their husbands ill treated them. So the only solution which I can visualise in this case is wait for them to lodge a case against you for divorce and then prove that you never ill treated her but she due to her own reasons doesn't want to stay with you. You can consult with a lawyer who will help you to prove in the court that you are not a reason for the divorce that they are seeking.
    So wait and watch for the opportune moment and meanwhile try to make the other party understand that the girl has a place in the husband's house and there is no point for her to stay with her parents. Please also make it clear to them that you cannot give them any financial support or help and they should forget about getting any money from you. Treat them sternly and wait for them to initiate for divorce process.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Later few days before she unblocked me from Whatsapp and asked the money, I credit the amount and she said to me that, don't disturb others of the family members and she told she will return this amount to my account

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