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  • Want to know about Ukrainian language?

    Interested in knowing about Ukranian language? wondering where in India can one learn this language? Scroll thouhg tihs Ask expert page for responses to your questions point wise.

    I have noted that till the breakout of Russia-Ukraine war in February 2022, many Indian students used to go the Ukraine for study, especially medical study. In this connection, I would like to know the following:-

    (a) Before going to Ukraine, do the Indian students take a crash course (short course) on Ukrainian language?
    (b) In which cities of India, facilities are available to learn Ukrainian language?
    (c) Is Ukrainian language closely related to Russian language?

    Kindly provide detailed, point-wise reply.
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  • 1. There is no necessity for the students going to Ukraine to do their MBBS there to do any crash course in the Ukrainian language. The medium of instruction there is English only. But during the first 2 years of study, there will be a language period. One should attend those classes and they should learn the language taught. In this class, they will teach you the Ukrainian language only.
    2. There are some sites where they will be taking online tuitions for this language. is one such site and there may be some other sites also. superprof says that they have more than 72 tutors who can teach Ukrainian. By joining them you can learn the language from your house itself.
    3. Russian and Ukrainian languages are separate languages. These two languages belong to the Slavonic (or Slavic) language family. The other languages that are in this family are Polish, Czech and Bulgarian. The language spoken across Russian and Ukrainian territories might have been similar long ago. But over a period of time, divergence might have taken place.

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