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  • What is the default port number used by read__csv in Python?

    Confused about a default port number used by read__csv in Python? Get a solution to this programming problem from our experts.

    There is a dilemma while programming in Python. I have used read_csv from Pandas to create a DataFrame for data in a CSV file. But I am confused to know which port number is used while reading the data from a CSV file. If there is a default port number or a protocol then mention the same, here.
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  • The read_csv function does not have a default port number because it does not involve network communication. Instead, it operates on local files, reading the contents of a CSV file and converting them into a Pandas DataFrame. The function takes the file path or URL of the CSV file as an argument, and it returns a DataFrame containing the data from the file. Additional parameters can be passed to read_csv to control how the data is read and processed, such as specifying the separator used in the file, handling missing values, and more.

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