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  • Tips for Summer season

    Do you want to know all the ways of beating the summer season, during tracvels and trips? Looking out for knowing more about this here? Find detailed answers here from our ISC experts.

    To beat the heat, what are the important things to remember when we go out or travel during the summer season? How to be cool at that time? Other than water and few basic needs, what are the things to take as a precaution during summer trip around.
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  • The summer is very severe and it is very difficult to go out during the hot times without taking proper precautions. Even when staying in the house also the heat is causing dehydration and results in weakness for many people. The following are some of the tips we can implement in the summer season.
    1. As far as possible use white or light colour cotton dresses so that they will not absorb much heat.
    2. Keep a cap on your head so that direct sun rays will not touch your head.
    3. Use UV protected glasses so that your eyes are protected from these hot Sun rays. Eyes are very important and hence never forget to use these protective glasses whenever you go out.
    4. Before purchasing any eatables look around and see the hygienic conditions and once you feel that the neatness is well-maintained go for such eatables. Don't eat a lot as the chances for digestive disorders are more while travelling in summer. Try to consume less spicy soft foods only.
    5. Never drink cold water from the refrigerator or ice added water. Drink from an earthen pot or normal water. Better to drink bottled water.
    6. Carry some basic medicines with you as they may not be available in the place where you are going.
    7. There are many sunscreen lotions available on the market. Never forget to apply them to your face so that sunburns will not happen.
    8. Keep drinking water so that you will not get dehydrated. If you are feeling too tired eat some cake or ice cream.
    9. Carry some glucose powder with you so that in case of any necessity you can mix the same in water and drink it
    10. Carry wet tissues with you to apply to your face if necessary,
    11. Never forget to consume some fruits so that you will get the necessary energy.

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  • Travelling somewhere in the summer season is really troublesome but though it is painful, you need to take up such journeys in case of emergency situations. You could avoid some of the inconvenience with the usage of the following points -
    1) Never move out in the empty stomach. Ensure that you have taken at least some light food before proceeding to the journey. At the same time, you have to ensure that you are not dehydrated either.
    2) Don't use the tight dresses which might lead to the cause of improper blood circulation.
    3) As far as possible, use cotton dresses preferably light coloured dresses so that sun - rays don't put you in trouble.
    4) Always avoid wearing black dresses since such dresses directly absorb sun rays making your journey troublesome.
    5) Avoid taking your snacks from unknown areas such as Dhaba or Restaurant to which hygienic conditions are not known.
    6) Use enough water to make you hydrated. If possible add a few drops of lemon juice in your drinking water to offer you the cooling effects.
    7) Avoid taking heavy dinner also ensure that dinner should be taken in the early hours of night preferably by 9 pm to avoid digestion issue.
    8) Ensure that you are moving outside with enough undergarments so that cleanliness and hygiene of the private parts are maintained.
    9) Avoid taking Pizza, Burger, Coke or cold drinks of such natures for maintaining your good health during the journey in the summer.

  • Summer is a time when due to vacations many families plan their trips and travel to hill stations or other interesting tourist places. During the travel and visit to the tourist locations, people get exposed to the heat and many times problems of heat stroke or dehydration occur which creates an unhappy situation and the whole charm of the trip is lost. But if we take care of some basic things during the outing then we can safeguard ourselves from the summer heat and its effects on us.
    First thing is that we have to drink sufficient water and keep our bodies dehydrated. This takes care of many things and the chances of dehydration decrease significantly. Another thing is during summer it is always advisable to visit the tourist locations early in the morning so that by noontime one can return back and take rest before going out in the evening for other indulgences. Avoiding the peak hot time of the day (1 PM to 4 PM) is a good strategy while planning the outings.
    Using small umbrellas for protection from Sun is one of the oldest techniques and it is advisable to use them sparingly while people are out in the Sun. One of the important aspects while going out during summer vacation is the outside food. Most tourist places offer junk, oily, and spicy food which is bad for our stomachs and can bring disorder at any time. So we have to avoid it as far as possible and take food in hotels where the basic staple food is served. Many people keep homemade snacks with them while going out and that is an excellent thing if one can manage that. This immensely helps especially when we are going out with children.
    It is obvious that we have to plan and prepare for going out well ahead of time and keep the basic medicines etc in our travel kit so that in an emergency we should not run here and there in search of a doctor and pharmacy. Another important factor is the clothing and we must use cotton clothing during the summer trips as it is very soothing for the body and helps in regulating the temperatures.
    Nowadays digital platforms have made it possible to pay online for expenses and it is advisable to use those facilities rather than stacking cash in one's pockets. Keeping large cash is always a risky proposition. So keep the smartphone updated with payment apps and keep the debit/credit card safely for using it at various places.
    During summer there is a good rush of people everywhere mainly due to the vacations in schools and colleges and sometimes hotels are not available and even the ordinary hotels increase their charges. So it is better to book a hotel before visiting so that no inconvenience is there in this regard.

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