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  • Is Annamalai University 2005-2009 BA History degree valid?

    Want to know the validity of the BA History degree conferred by Annamalai University? Looking out for UGC notification regarding the same? Here, on this page our experts have provided answers to your question.

    I have done my under-graduation degree from Annamalai University (BA History) in the year 2005-2009. Recently, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has said that the distance and open university degrees awarded by Annamalai University will not be recognized after 2014-2015. I did my degree through distance/open university mode. So, is my degree done between 2005-2009 valid? I also want to know what were the rules, then (2005-2009).
    I did not verify before joining in 2005. Please, help me! I asked this question previously; but I mentioned 2008. I did my examination in 2008, and the degree was issued in 2009, with the year marked as 2009.
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  • As far as many generally knows about the subject topic is, the Annamalai University (AU) was given permission to offer Degree programmes in ODL (Open and Distance learning) mode by The University Grants Commission (UGC) till academic session 2014-15 ONLY. They have not granted any further permission or recognition to the university to offer ODL courses.

    So, whoever did the graduation program till that period is okay / valid and whoever did graduate afterward that period won't be considered as valid Degree "by UGC only".

    Now AU says that Degrees were given to the student as per the Court's Direction and Degree won't become invalid just because of UGC says so.

    However, UGC says / alert candidates that, AU is the sole responsible for the career of the students. Also, AU states that the courses are approved by the Distance Education Council of New Delhi.

  • Since the notification from University Grant commission has come up indicating the year 2014 - 2015 and henceforth when passing out the distance education from Annamalai University would no more be valid, you should not think unnecessarily in your case.
    You have appeared for B.A taking History as one of your subjects in 2008 from Annamalai University in the distance education mode and publication of the results took place in 2009.Such publication of results is not going to impact you any way.
    It will certainly create problems for the students for the students having studied this course from this university from 2014 and onwards. Since the notification has come up recently, the affected students from the session 2014 and onwards might go the court for getting victory in their favour. However, you need not worry for that.

  • What is the problem for you? Annamalai University is one of the pioneer universities which started distance mode education. It is the first generation institute that offers education by distance mode. As per the University Grants commissions' notification, the recognition for this institute is valid till academic session 2014-15. You did your graduation much earlier. So all certificates given by that university till 2014-15 are valid and there will not be an issue. After 2014-15, UGC recognition is not there. But as per the information available, the matter is in court and we have to wait for their decision. But in your case, there is no doubt and you can go ahead.

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  • As per UGC notification, degrees awarded by the annamali university after academic session 2014-15 is invalid. As you know that Annamali university has been very famous university for open and distance mode education. Now, UGC has announced that it would not be valid if degree taken from annamalai university after 2014- 2015. And in your case, you have completed your graduation much earlier that is 2009. So, there is no reason to be worried regarding this. As per latest information, matter will be solved by the court. And affected candidate may wait till final decision. But, you need not to think Unnecessary and go ahead with next career plan.

  • UGC does an annual check of the university regularly and asks certain information based on which it reaffirms its validity for issuing of a degree certificate. Annamalai University might had been a reputed institution once but when UGC finds that there are some deficiencies in its structure and it is not complying with UGC guidelines then it can declare it as an invalid institution for issue of degrees. So same thing happened and UGC declared it invalid from the year 2014.
    In your case you have completed your degree by 2008 so in your case this does not apply and your degree is valid. So there is nothing to worry.
    Another point in this aspect is that whenever UGC declares an institution as invalid then many people who were affected approach the court to get some kind of help from it. If there is something wrong done by the institution like misleading the students and the UGC guidelines were also not clear then as per the basic nature of universal law the court tries to help the gullible students to the best possible. So keep a track on the court proceedings in this regard and the declaration making it invalid might get revoked though it does not relate in your case.

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