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  • Want a career guidance as per my qualification.

    I completed a master's degree in Philosophy last year. I am recently doing a writing job, but I want to know the other career option that fits with my qualification or paths that I can choose for a better career apart from Academics. I don't want to go into a teaching job or any government job.
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  • Philosophy graduates and Post Graduates will have skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, writing and speaking. These skills will make them eligible for a wide range of jobs.
    Generally after completing PG in this subject, many will opt for a teaching job, But the author is not interested in a teaching job.
    Philosophy graduates or postgraduates can opt for LLB and become a lawyer. Their basic qualification in Philosophy will make them more eligible for a layer profession because of their critical thinking attitude and skill.
    They can do MBA and opt for marketing jobs. They will become good marketing managers as they will have good speaking and writing skills.
    They can also try for bank officer/clerk posts as they can face the competitive examinations much better because of the special skills they acquire during their studies.
    There are some specialist jobs like mentors in various colleges for which students will be considered. They will be asked to see the student affairs.
    In some organisations, these people can be taken as HR executives as they can be good at understanding the people and will become good managers there.
    They can also apply for other general positions like clerks, officers in insurance, finance and other organisations.

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  • After your PG in Philosophy you have some options to choose for making a career. First is research work. If you have interest and liking for research work then you can apply for pursing a PhD degree in some reputed university. Another option is try your career in a professional content writing area where your knowledge acquired in the subject would help you in creating nice documents for various organisations.There are many social organisations in the nature of NGO and private companies which require philosophy people for associating in their projects for the welfare of the humanity and society. Salaries are not high there but one gets a feel of the job and develop the skills in that area. If you have an interest for social work and you want to fight for the social causes then it makes sense to join some social organisation and contribute your bit. There are some other type of job positions worth mentioning for a PG in philosophy. These are like Archivist, Administrator, Insurance Underwriter etc.

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  • PG in philosophy provides the aspirants for better understanding of the situation and they have the skills of the real analysis of the prevailing circumstances. Hence they can match perfectly in the different designations if they don't like to continue teaching profession anymore. The following professions would provide them a lot of satisfaction due to their improved skills after studying Philosophy.
    1) Such aspirants can carry out Research Work effectively and hence they must look out for distinguished institutions from where they can pursue their Ph. D degree. A high ordered thesis with the assistance of your guide will enhance your reputation apart from the offers from the private companies such as DELL, HPL etc.
    2) Scope for recruitment as a councillor in the educational institutions- Due to their better analytical skills, they are preferred to the post of Councillors. They can advise the students the better fields in which they would prosper better. They have the patience of hearing of the candidates and depending upon the their caliber, they would suggest right career path for them.
    3) Editors- Editors are supposed to be the language experts having their expertise in reviewing and their clear analysis and hence they can put forth suggestions on the documents which is to be published shortly. They are themselves excellent writers apart from their capabilities of demonstrating skills in matters of reading and writing.
    4) Technical Writers - Technical Writers are the proficient writers having their technical drafting abilities on the complex subjects. They can write manuals, white papers or the art of journal writings. They can put forth their excellent ideas on drafting technical documents for which there is the scope of editing in the situations if the same is required.
    5) Advertisement Managers- They can be skilled marketing professionals leading to their teams in advertising techniques to promote the business where they have been put.Their responsibility would be to negotiate with the contracts, planning proper budget allocations for carrying out their jobs apart from assisting the teams in writing the advertisement contents effectively showing their leadership skills.
    6) Political Analyst- A political analyst is capable of sustaining his research directing the administrative function of an organisation or a group of people having high influence in some parties. They can further evaluate the trends in the political scenarios and can suggest right steps to be taken up for the political party with which they are attached. They can predict the outcome of their steps to the higher boss how his steps would be beneficial for the party.
    7) Economists- Economists are involved in Research Activities both in terms of micro and macro economics and are capable of economic forecasts based on their activities.Banks and financial institutions require their expertise to get the desired results. They have the potentials of normalisation of the derailed economy of the company with their vision. Hence their expertise can augment the turn over of the companies with which they are attached due to their long accumulated experience.

  • As you have ruled out teaching job, you can have job opportunities where the basic qualification is just a PG degree.

    You can have opportunity in many NGOs, semi government service organisations etc.

    Now you are on a writing assignment. That is a well suited job for Philosophy PGs like you. You can search for similar opportunities in larger organisations. Newspapers and magazines can also employ philosophy post graduates.

    Another area is advertising field. You can choose a specifically targeted field or general field. Once obtained that itself will expose you to many more opportunities and paths along for your better career path.
    HR assignments are also possible for PG in Philosophy candidates either with a diploma in HR or without.
    Those who have some bent for research can find opportunities in historical museums, writing/selection of school/college syllabus books etc.

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