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  • How to get an experience certificate from PSU when they are denying it

    Do you have a query regarding getting experience certificate from a PSU? Want to know further course of action in case the PSU is reluctant to give such a certificate? Find responses from our experts for various ways to resolve the issue here.

    I worked in a PSU for around 5 years as an officer. I had resigned due to my personal reasons with proper resignation letter and serving the notice period in 2018. Immediately after resignation I requested for experience letter by sending a letter. But I didn't get any response and later I sent few mails requesting for the same. In December 2020 when it was needed for attending an interview I requested again via email quoting my previous requests which went unanswered. Someone from HR responded and sent an email copy of the experience letter signed by regional manager. Now recently as I wanted to work again and started finding opportunities and as a result cleared scale 2 exam in a PSU. Hence I requested for original experience certificate from the bank to attend interview. They didn't respond over mail and said over phone that it can't be given again. As I said I never collected my original experience certificate, they said it is not with them as well and can't provide another certificate. There was no remarks during my service period. I don't understand why they are so reluctant to give what I rightfully deserve.
    What can be done in this case?
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  • Many people face this type of problem in getting the experience letter for their service done in the PSU. You are telling that they have already provided you with an experience certificate by email. So they would be reluctant to issue that again but if you insist then they can issue a duplicate one in lieu of that. One thing that is very clear is that you can produce a copy of that email to your new employer. Nowadays most organisations are accepting the certificates received by mail. If one particular organisation is insisting on an original one then you would have to request for that citing that particular reason and in such cases a simple communication would not be able to do that and I am afraid you might have to visit them and meet some senior person and explain your difficulty. That is the only way to receive an original signed document.
    Govt and PSUs are generally reluctant in issuing a certificate multiple times unless one goes and pursues them for it.
    If you go on communicating with them they would again send a fresh mail by repeating the same old document that was sent to you.

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  • When you have resigned from the company, did they give you a letter stating that your resignation is accepted and you will be released from so and so date? Is that original letter available now with you? They might have issued a letter of appointment to you when you were offered a job. This relieving letter and appointment letter can be submitted to the new employer which will give them an idea about your exp[erience. At the same time, experience letters received through email will be considered originals by many companies. So a colour xerox copy of the same letter received through email duly laminated will be useful as the original itself. Many companies will not ask for originals once you submit copies of all the above three that is appointment letters. relieving letter and the laminated colour xerox copy of the experience letter received through email.
    It is always better to get the experience letter immediately after resigning. As time passes people will be reluctant and will not show much interest. Still, if the new recruiting company insists on original, you have to personally visit the earlier organisation and if necessary you may have to meet the top man and explaining him the necessity of original experience certificate. Then he may respond positively.

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  • You have faced a lot of inconvenience in getting your experience certificate for the period you actually worked in a PSU. Despite your repeated reminders, you have got the email copy of your experience certificate in lieu of the original one. Still your problem has not been solved so as to get back the original one. Under this situation, you may take up the following steps to procure your original certificate. Please have a look at these points-
    1) If your repeated calls are not producing any positive result, better you go over to your parental organisation and discuss this issue with the chief of the personnel or GM ( Personnel) apprising of your difficulties in the situation that the same is not made available to you including the denial of your joining in the next organisation. Hope you can manage your problem effectively with the issuance of original experienced certificate signed by the appropriate authority.
    2) You may contact the head of the personnel of your next organisation where you are to join shortly with the present development. If they are in need of your service immediately. They would talk to your past organisation to expedite the process in getting back the original experience certificate of the parental organisation.
    3) To sort out your issue, you may even consult a reputed lawyer who could offer you some valuable suggestions in this regard.

  • As mentioned above, you have requested many times for experience certificate but they didn't provide original experience certificate and finally sent email copy of experience certificate. So, you should submit email copy to new employer. Many company will accept easily and they won't object over it. If they ask for original one then you show registration letter and appointment letter. May be they agree by seeing this document. In spite of it, they don't agree with these documents then you may contact with head of the present employer and tell everything they will try to get back your experience certificate from past organisation.

  • Large PSUs have thousands of employees and it is not practical for them to issue such certificates as per requirement of ex-employees. You have resigned after a relatively small period of service. I don't know whether you had been promoted to the next scale or grade during that period.
    In such cases the appointment letter as ell as the relieving letter itself will tell the number of years spent with that organisation. Unless you are a very specialized cadre official, this will suffice. But in case you were holding a very special cadre post, then such posts will be less in number and it may be possible for the organisation to issue some such relevant certificates as permitted bythe organisation. But, even then when the time gap is more, it will be difficult to trace back the old records and issue such a certificate , and can take time as there may be more layrs of offices involved in tracing and retrieving such records and details.

    So practically such large organizations do not accept such requests especially after a time gap.

    So in your case , if it is not a very special cadre post, I do not understand why the prospective employer should ask for an experience certificate. If it is well justified and you have some personal contacts with your previous organisation and you can convince them of the genuinety and need of such a certificate , then probably you may get it as once- for- all last time help.

    But in all probability, I feel that the new employer will be satisfied with the Appointment letter copy, relieving letter copy and email cpy of the experience certificate. If not, then you yourself have to be satisfied as to why the new/prospective employer is insisting on a fresh certificate.

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