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  • Examination Question for class 10 (age issue in class 10th)

    Have a query about the eligibility criteria for classs 10th UP boards? Searching for the correct age limit here? Scroll through the responses from our ISC experts on tihs page.

    My sister's date of birth is 19.09.2010. She has given class 8 exam in march 2022 in Uttar Pradesh board. She is in 9th class now. Will she face any problems in giving class 10 exam in 2024 in High school in Uttar Pradesh board (UP Board).
    I am very confused about this matter.
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  • As per the UP board rules and regulations, a student should complete an age of 14 years before appearing in the 10th board examination. In your case, the student whose date of birth is 19th September 2010, is not completing 14 years by March 2024. She will be completing 14 years only by September 2024 so there is a shortfall of 6 months and I am afraid she would not be eligible to appear.

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  • A student who has to appear for the 10th examination has to complete 14 years by the end of March of the year of the examinations. That means a candidate who has to attend the 10th examination in 2022, should complete his 14th year by 31st March 2022.
    As mentioned by you, your sister will be completing her 10th class and ready for examinations in 2024. But by the time of examination, she will be not completing her 14th year. So she may not be allowed, as she will be having a shortfall of 6 months of age.
    But the board will be exempting some students for up to six months if recommended by the school. You have to approach the school administration and request them for applying for this concession. Otherwise, she has to wait for a year.

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  • As per rule, a candidate has to complete an age of 14 years before appearing in 10th class board examination. As told by you, your sister will appear for her 10th class board in 2024. Till that time, she will not be completing 14 years and have a shortfall of 6 months of age. So, It may create problem and you may wait for next one year. In some cases, school allow to candidate. So, you should contact from school administration for age relaxation.

  • A student appearing for the 10 th Board Examination of UP Board must complete at least 14 year by the month of March in the year when he is to write his papers for the said examination. Your sister to appear the 10 th examination in 2024 and hence she should complete 14 year on 31.3. 2024. Considering her date of birth being 19.09. 2010, she is not meeting the eligibility due to shortfall of six months in respect of her date of birth.
    However, you may contact the Principal of the school requesting him to grant permission for the said examination with the consultation of the UP Board authorities. I hope your sister might avail concession for the shortfall of her age with the mutual consultation of the Board and the Principal of the school. This would be treated as an exceptional case.

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