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  • Why injector produce tak tak noise

    Do you have a query regarding disel engine injector? What are the reasons for the injector to produce such noise? On this page our experts shall answer your query.

    I want to know why injector produces tak tak noise. Is it due to low pressure in fuel line or high pressure in the line?
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  • There may be many reasons for an injector to go bad and make sounds. Injectors go bad in different ways, The reasons maybe
    1. No injection
    2. leakage of fuel that will result in low quantity fuel injection
    3. Broken pressure springs.
    4. High quantity delivery of the fuel.
    5. Other problems that will cause a misfire.
    Maintaining the injector is very important and when the engine goes for servicing they will clean this also and fix it properly. In case of such unusual sound, better get it checked once and get it cleaned.

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  • The function of the fuel injector is to inject atomised fuel into the combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine. It should spray the fuel on regular or intermittent basis depending upon the requirements according to the choice of the users.
    It might be out of order sometimes producing tak tak noise. The reasons for the same could be as follows-
    1) It could be due to the either pre ignition issue or might be might be due to wrong choice of the fuel which could give rise to tak tak sound.
    2) Sometimes direct dirt might have made inroads in the injector causing unusual sound. In that case, the component needs to dissolved in the gasoline to get rid of dust particles.
    3) Watch the function of the injector in the running condition by removing the injector to ensure that the health condition of the injector. Clean the same if required and put the same in the assembly and still the sound is persistent, replace the same with the new one.
    4) Sometimes, the needle is not sitting properly causing improper mixture formation with the fuel and air causing piston knock in the engine. Minor adjustment of the needle is required to align them to bring back the same in the working conditions.

  • The source of any Tak tak sound in the injector could be because of various reasons. Injector is a very important part of the vehicle. The purpose of injector is to inject and provide fuel to the engine chamber on a continuous and regulated way. Most of the injectors are electromechanically controlled devices and work properly if maintain periodically. They have got a certain firing mechanism and firing timings. If the settings are disturbed because of some faulty component in the injector system and associated electronic circuit then injector will start malfunctioning and can give tak tak sound. Another important reason is the quality of fuel and if the fuel is of bad quality then it can create damage to the injector parts and then injector will start giving some strange sounds like that.

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