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  • How to recover deleted Images from mobile

    Are you interested in knowing how to recover deleted file or images from a mobile? Searching for the best eay to recovery? Find advice from our experts here and decide how to get back lost memories.

    During space cleaning in my mobile I wrongly deleted my important Images and videos from mobile.
    What ever I had taken on my own camera is all gone and deleted.
    I searched a lot but the DCIM whole file was missing.
    How can I recover that as I had some good moments and memories of my Mom who is no more in this world.
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  • I hope it is an Android OS smartphone. If yes, you might have synced it on with Google Cloud.

    If you let us know the brand and model number then we could give the other steps within the smartphone setting to get things done.

    Anyhow, you can recover the photos and follow the steps given herein by Google

  • If you have deleted an item from your android phone, it will go to the trash and stay there for about 60 days. Within that time frame, you can recover the item from the trash by following the following steps.
    1. Open the Photos app.
    2. Then tap on Library and then Trash/ Deleted.
    3. The items in the trash will appear. Then Touch and hold the photo or video that you want to restore.
    4. Tap on Restore. The photo or video will go to your gallery app or to the app in which it was earlier.

    You can't restore the photo or video if you moved it to the trash more than 60 days ago. You can't recover the photo if you emptied the trash. If the item was permanently deleted from the trash you can't restore it.

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  • This would be really an unfortunate case when you find that your precious photos holding for a long time for your sweet memories are gone. However, there are ways to retrieve the same with the observation of the following steps -
    Check your Trash Folder - The first exercise you would like to do is check your trash folder for the maximum period of 30 days. If trashed recently, this can be located here itself. You will have to following procedures for getting back the same.
    1) Open up the gallery app and tap the three vertical lines existing in the right hand of the corner.
    2) By selecting the trash, it would be recovered back.
    3) Your photos would appear in the folder.
    4) if already there, these can be recovered back by tapping them from the icon appearing on the lower left hand of the corner.
    2) Check the Google Photos- Google Photos are the preloaded storage application on your mobile phone where you sign into your Gmail Account. This would mean there is the chances of saving the same in your Google Photos.
    3) Check the Cloud- Your mobile phone Is supported with a separate cloud backup storing your photos, videos, files, texts etc.You will have to check up the manufacture's clouds equipped with your mobile phones of different manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Motorola etc.
    4) Check up My Files and SD Card - You need to tap up the same and download icon to restore your photos to be retrieved.
    Assuming that you don't possess SD Card, you may go in to image folder where you could locate your photos needed to be retrieved. From the trash, you have to tap three vertical dots in the upper hand right corner and tap the trash. If these are already there, these could be recovered in the similar ways as done earlier.

  • If you lost photos to recover set your phone to airplane mode immediately

    Firstly, you can check the trash folder and every deleted item goes directly to the trash folder

    If you did not find the photos in the trash folder then check Cloud backup.

    You need to visit your Google account and check the Google photos as most mobile phones have Google accounts that sync the photo, contact (according to the setting done by user). Also, you can check data (photos) in the Google photos bin.

    Mostly every smartphone has the in-built feature of backup (according to set done by user) in memory card or internal storage memory. You can restore data from the backup file.

    Whatsapp delete photos can be recovered from Chat Backup.

    You can take the help of Android data recovery apps available and you can use these apps to recover the photos.

  • There are applications by using which we can recover the permanently deleted files or images in our PC or computer but there are no established applications for doing that job in a smartphone. Though some applications claim to do that but their use is only limited and requires rooting techniques in the mobile which a normal user can not be able to do in the smartphone and help of an expert would be required. Even in that method only the thumbnail of the images is retrieved in most of the cases.
    The common method which people use is searching for those images in the trash folder which keeps them safe for a time of 30 or 60 days before deleting them permanently. It is very easy to recover the files like that just by selecting them and using the restore option.
    If one has backed up the files in Google cloud then it is very easy to get them from there through the Google account of the person.

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