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  • What is the procedure for applying for the post of Assistant Professor in private dental colleges?

    Are you searching for the process to apply for the post of an Assistant Professor in Dental Surgery and are you in doubt about the salary? Check out this thread for details.

    If somebody joins a private dental college as an Assistant Professor after completing MDS, what will be their starting salary? Also, what is the procedure for submitting an application and getting selected as an Assistant Professor? How do the salaries of an Assistant Professor in a private dental college and a government dental college differ?
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  • Any private college will never have any fixed salaries. They will have their own standards and that depends on the management of the college. These colleges will give based on the qualification of the candidate. As a matter of fact, all the recognised colleges should have qualified teaching faculty and their salaries should be on par with the UGC scales. But this is not followed.
    A government dental college will have qualified staff and their salaries are almost similar to the salaries of a lecturer in a medical college.
    The private colleges give very less salary. They take fresh candidates as lecturers and offer very less salary that may be ranging between Rs10,000/- to Rs,30,000/-. These days there are many qualified people in this area and they are not getting jobs or may not be able to have their own hospital. Some colleges pay on an hourly basis also.
    There are some colleges that will manage with BDS qualified candidates and pay them a very less salary. A lecturer in a government college may get somewhere near a Lakh of rupees per month. But a private college never gives that much.

    Generally, these colleges will be giving advertisements in the newspaper. The candidate has to see and apply. Otherwise, the candidiate can go to the known colleges and submit his application by hand or may also send it by post. If there is any requirement, they may call him for an interview.

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  • There is a wide disparity in relation to emoluments of a lecturer in a private dental college, though in respect of qualifications, the aspirants might have the post graduation degree ie MDS but their salaries are in no way matching. It would all depend upon the mood of the recruiters to finalise the salaries of the candidates in their private dental colleges. They would try to place you in their private dental colleges with the least salaries as low as Rs 15,000/- without having any consideration of your brilliant results in your post graduation qualification.
    You need to understand the psychology of these recruiters offering you a meagre salaries considering that you would not deny their offers considering a lot of candidates available in the market accepting the offerings of these recruiters.
    The management of such colleges might go in to the extent of recruiting BDS with the lesser salaries to run their colleges or even they could appoint BDS candidates with hourly basis to manage their teaching faculties.
    Now coming to their procedure of recruitments of the Assistant Professors in their colleges, they go in the advertisement procedure indicating impressive results of the aspirants with some reputed universities and the management would assess your potential how best you can fit in their teaching jobs but at the same time, you would not raise any objection in their negotiating skills. Finally selection would be made with your acceptance of their offers.

  • There is a big difference between private dental colleges and government dental colleges in respect of salary. Generally, private dental colleges recruit freshers by seeing their experience and degree. Their salary is not fixed and completely depends on college management. It varies from college to college. But, the average salary is between 10,000 to 25,000. Whereas, govt dental colleges recruit candidates based on written interviews. They can't compromise in case of eligibility. Their salary
    would be more than 50,000.
    Private and govt dental colleges both give advertisements in newspapers. As per the given instructions, You can apply by post. If you fulfil all criteria then they may call for an interview.

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