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  • How to overcome Hindu traditional horoscope issues

    Is your marriage to your lady love stuck due to mismatch of horoscopes? Are you looking for alternatives or a way to overcome the problem? Check out this thread for expert opinions in this connection.

    I am in love with a cousin of mine. We both are in love since 2018. I can't live without her. I am well settled and there is no other problem to marry her as per Hindu traditions. But here the problem is that our horoscopes doesn't match and so her parents are not agreeing to marry her to me. I don't know what to do now. Is there any solution to overcome this problem of horoscope matching? Please advise me.
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  • There are marriages getting problems even after the best match in horoscope of both because of mentality match in the couple lacks in the wedlock.
    But if there are some elders in the house they are in strong opinion to see the horoscope matching, But in some cases the matching of horoscope is not observed in the marriages between close relationships such father's sister children and mother's brother children.
    According to the astrologists, the match is observed by ten levels. If there is any deviation, there may be chances of some 'pariharas' (remedies) to solve that. You approach a good astrologer for such advise.
    However you both should respect the elders of both side without any disparity and you both should possess 'give and take ' policy and never hold any misunderstanding between you. If any mishap happened after marriage without horoscope comparison or doing pariharas, the people who stress the horoscope match will have collar raise.

  • Our ancient books themselves say how "Vidhi can be overcome by Mathi"- that is we can change our life by intelligence, hard work and determination and also by our faith in God.
    Nowadays we may not have many astrologers who can do a very comprehensive study of horoscopes and analyze and predict. There is always margin of error either at the time of preparing a horoscope at first time, and even later when it is analyzed and interpreted.

    In the 'Swayamvaras' in ancient times or the 'Gandharva Vivaha's horoscope is not considered. So marriage is well permitted without considering horoscopes in our country and Hindu faith.

    In the present case, it is a matter of familiar or followed tradition, a personal belief and faith. If all other parameters are okay, and if otherwise both sides are agreeing, I suggest that just discard the horoscopes and with faith in God and yourselves, go ahead and marry.

    But a small warning. Never ever look back at the horoscopes or take it to any astrologer in future. Simply discard the horoscope charts for ever. Don't have any doubts even if you sometimes some difficulties on personal, financial o health matters. Never attribute them to your horoscopes. Go for practical and scientific remedies.

    Best Wishes

  • If we go through the past experience we could see many couples having sour relationships despite their best matrimonial matches according to the their charts indicating favourable conjugal lives after their alliance but the net result is otherwise.
    It is a kind of our over attachment with our birth charts and the predictions made by the astrologers time to time regarding different parameters such as our health position, monetary aspects and how far we would be happy in our married lives. We cannot reject such predictions outright because of our strong beliefs in the astrology.
    In this situation, the best way is to take help of the marriage councillor along with the parents of both sides and with their forceful explanations, they might be able to change their thought process. They can cite numerous examples where the predictions of the astrologers have gone wrong.
    However, it is the alliance between the close relationships and the different societies have different rules for acceptance of such marriages. You along with your relatives has to see the feasibility of such marriage occurrence.

  • Nowadays, nobody believes in a horoscope. These days many marriages are happening without horoscopes and getting success. On contrary, many marriages are not getting success after matching of horoscope. Matching the horoscope is a traditional belief. The important thing is that both of you should have a mutual understanding. As told above that you are well settled. So, it doesn't t matter whether the horoscope is matching or not. You try to convince the girl and their family for marrying. Marriage is made in heaven. You try your best from your side. If they agree then no problem. And if they disagree without a horoscope then you can get prepared through a pandit. He will take money but he will get matched with the girl's horoscope. In this way, you can try for your marriage.

  • As far as my knowledge goes, the accuracy of the chart made is always doubtful. The exact time and place of birth are very important issues. The charts made through computer programming may give wrong charts as they consider hours and minutes but not Ghadiyas and Vighadiyas. So get the horoscope rewritten by a good and famous astrologer and you can see the difference. You can tell the astrologer the problems you faced with your earlier horoscope. Show the girl's chart also to him and ask him to do the matching. That report can be shown to the parents of the girl and they may accept.
    These days people are not believing much in these horoscopes. But still, some are not changing. You convince your parents first and then ask them to convince the parents of the girl.
    There are many marriages which are very successful even though their horoscopes are not matching. So you have to convince them and get the marriage done.

    always confident

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