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  • Best courses for a new career in engineering for a better future

    Keen to quit an existing teaching job and pursue some courses for a better future in the non-teaching field in the Gulf? Check out the suggestions provided here to get ahead in this career plan.

    I have completed my BE (Mechanical Engineering)and ME (Thermal Engineering), and I am working as an assistant professor in a reputed college. Now I want to develop my career, and hence am planning to quit my job and do some additional courses related to my ME Degree. After that, I can try to work in the industry. My main focus is to relocate from India to a Gulf country (only for a job) for the betterment of my future. Kindly suggest what kind of courses are better for my future, and what should I do to get ahead in this career plan.
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  • After completing ME and working for some time as faculty in a college, now you want to shift to industry. Which industry are you thinking mechanical sector or the IT sector? Based on that only somebody can suggest to you some good courses.
    If you want to continue in the core industry you can think of improving your skills that are useful for that particular sector. CAD and CAM are two subjects which are very helpful to Mechanical Engineers and they will be useful to you in designing and manufacturing mechanical components.
    If you want to go to the IT field you can think of doing some certificate courses in AI ( Artificial Intelligence) that will help you in getting a good job. Similarly, you can think of doing certificate courses in Python language, Data Analyst course etc.

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  • After completing your ME in Mechanical Engineering with the specialisation of Thermal Engineering, you are now currently working as an Assistant Professor in a reputed professor. While considering your teaching profession, there are certain diplomas such as CAD or CAM which could improve your skills in your mechanical design with the application of computer techniques. Such specialisation would help to understand the different designs of the equipments used in the different industries and such exposures could help your students as well to understand the mechanical design.
    However, it could be a long journey if you undertake a doctorate degree to enhance your promotion prospects in this line.
    However, if you want to switch over to IT industry, you can go ahead but initially you have to struggle to know the basics of the different languages and not necessarily you should command all t languages but stick to one. The most popular languages are Artificial Intelligence, Oracle, ERP etc and taking advanced studies in anyone makes sense.,Your IT employer would judge you in numerous angles including your clarity in expression and your ways of convincing the members with your clarity in approach. These the computer professionals are in great demand. It could be a nice idea to go in the software if you have the passion for it.

  • You have quite good qualifications in hand and now you want to shift to industry from a teaching job. If you are getting a particular job abroad then it is obvious that you have to acquire some diploma or short course related to that particular job requirement. You can very easily do that by registering in any online learning agency (like Unacademy, Coursera etc) for acquiring those learnings which are related to that particular job position. As you have not mentioned the particular job requirement it will be difficult to suggest any particular course for that.
    In gulf countries there are thrusts in construction and petroleum industry and it makes sense to acquire some short course qualification in them so that one does not have problems in the workplace there. If you have a liking in construction or civil engineering projects or petrochemical projects then with your BE and ME degree you can definitely venture in those areas by attending some induction training course which can align you for undertaking the responsible work in these areas.
    You can also think of acquiring some short course in management and then apply for some managerial position in so many industries running in gulf areas.
    If you have some preliminary knowledge in IT area and you want to switch to it then you will have to do some IT course like learning the Python language or acquiring the cloud based skills for using certain niche applications.
    An ME degree in thermal engineering is definitely an edge for you to make an entry in the petrochemical segment where opportunities are available in the petrochemical refining and related industries.
    So there are many possibilities but you have to choose one as per your interest, liking, and having some basic knowledge in that particular arena.

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