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  • Question regarding document verification

    Doubtful of attendance making any difference while evaluating eligibility criterion for any job, particularly for classes online during Covid19? Check this web page to get your doubt clarified from our ISC Experts.

    I am currently preparing for central government job
    I had completed my Bachelors in science Biotechnology from Dr. Bhim Ambedkar University Agra (Agra college)
    1) Gave exam of all three years and got mark-sheets of all three years online
    2) Got 2 backlogs in second year which I cleared in 3rd year (also have its online result marksheet)
    3) Got provisional degree online (valid for 6 months)
    4) Got migration online
    5) Paid fees of all three years
    6) Did internship project for third year
    7) Gave practical of all three years(made all files)
    8) Got ID from college
    9) I only went college for few days only(attended all exams & practicals & only 2-3 days during rest year for normal classes) due to COVID and their is no placements from my college so I was mostly focusing on my government job but college never bothered me for it just gave me few warnings but allowed me sit in main yearly exams and practical anyways
    So my question is that can my attendance cause any problem during document verification of my Mark sheet and provisional degree(we can apply for original after 2 years of passing)
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  • The question of attendance will come only in your college and university. If your attendance is not as prescribed.
    1. You will not be allowed to sit for the examinations and your hall ticket will not be issued. Only after getting clearance from the university by exempting your low attendance, you will be allowed to sit.
    2. Even after writing the examinations, if there is any issue, the university will not declare your result and it will be kept pending. Only after taking the required actions and permissions only your results will be declared.
    In your case, you were not asked for any clarification about less attendance. You were given the hall ticket and you were allowed to sit for the examinations. You got the Provisional certificate and marks list.
    Now, the attendance questions will not come in your certification verification. What are the certificates they have asked for that should be carried with you and they will verify? They may ask marks list, pass certificate ( Provisional or Original) and other documents.
    So you need not worry about the attendance and prepare well for the written test and interviews well. All the best to you.

    always confident

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