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  • Which are the best offers on cloud storage offered by various companies?

    Keen to purchase cloud storage for preserving data? Check out the best cloud storage offers of reputed cloud storage service providers.

    Various memory storage devices like pen drives and CD/DVD ROM are nowadays not popular in the era of cloud storage. Cloud storage gives portability and security at the same time. I want to purchase cloud space. Which are the best offers on cloud storage offered by various companies?
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  • Generally, we store data on our Laptop or desktop, pen drives and external hard discs. But instead of having so many devices with us, we can get this could space so that we can store data there. Cloud storage is nothing but storing our data on a third-party server without compromising the security of the information for a minor cost.
    Now days many companies are offering cloud storage space for individuals as well as companies as per their requirements. We all here Google and drop box. Many other such companies are also there. The following are some such companies you can think of using.
    1. iDrive: The best among the available is iDrive. This is good for small businesses as well as for individuals also. There is no restriction for you to use a single device. You can use multiple systems and network drives. There are many plans to select and the plans will start with a free space of 5GB. Many individuals are opting for this. But remember that there is no Linux support for this.
    2. Amazon Cloud Drive: This is also one of the best options for individuals and small business houses. If you are an Amazon Prime member, it will be very attractive to you and you will get 5GB of free space available for you. Over a period of time Amazon improved its performance and now it is one of the best options. But the costs are on a little higher side and the interface provided is also not the best.
    3. OneDrive: This is from Microsoft and is the best for Microsoft users. It will also start with 5GB of free space. This is good for windows users and works well with Microsoft 365 and is very good for file sharing. But prices are on the higher side and there is no Linux support.
    4. Drop Box: This is the oldest and simple but good at performance. The plans come with free space of 2 GB. This is very simple to use and can be used on all platforms. Anyhow, the money you have to spend may be a little more.
    5. Google Drive: We all will be hearing more about this. The plans will start with 15 GB of free space. It is very good for business and Chromebook users. Rates are very reasonable. But there is no end-to-end encryption facility and the interface may not be very easy for the users.
    There are many similar service providers but I feel one among the above-mentioned 5 will be very useful to you.

    always confident

  • Cloud storage are becoming very popular with the people nowadays and some of the sites are providing a good amount of cloud space in their servers free of charge also. Of course they have the paid plans also where one can get more space as per the requirement. Only thing is the safety and security of the data and it is imperative that we have to go for the reputed sites and in this connection it wold be better to go through their details in the various review sites where products of various sites are reviewed by the experts and then only make a decision to buy the space from a site.
    Slowly we are moving to a digital vault system everywhere and soon people will have their documents and certificates of all sorts uploaded in the cloud space and they can download any of them whenever needed in any part of the globe. The charges for storing data will also come down when the competition heats up between the cloud space providers and they vie with each other in this field.
    Some of the cloud space providers which can be considered for hiring the server space are as follows -
    1. iDrive: This is one of the top cloud space provider and can work with any platform like windows, Mac, android etc. They have end to end encryption. For a storage of 10TB per year they are offering highly discounted charges about $3.98.
    2. Google Drive: This is a well known and popular cloud storage. They use encrypted transfer for the data. The price for a 2TB annual plan is about $24.
    3. Dropbox: It is also a popular site and is there in the business for quite some time. It uses in transit and at rest encryption of the data. For a 5TB annual plan it charges $144.
    4. Microsoft OneDrive: It is a popular one and uses AES 26 bit encryption for the data. For 6TB annual plan it charges $24.
    5. pCloud: It is offering 2TB annual plan for $60 and uses in transit and at rest encryption of the data.
    6. Zoolz: It uses end to end encryption and offers 1TB to 50TB plans.
    (Note: 1TB= 1000GB)

    Apart from above there are some more storage sites which can be explored for more information and these are - SpiderOak One Back Up, Box, Apple iCloud Drive, Egnyte Connect, MEGA, Tresorit, Koofr etc.
    If the storage requirement is low then most of the above sites offer some free storage ranging from 5GB to 15GB to the people for personal use and many people are availing these facilities in various cloud storage sites.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Syncing and storage services have been designed for the backing up safety and security features so that you can use your app confidently in your laptop. Even if you lose your laptop, your files remain in tact and you can have synergy service from your provider. Which one is best suited to your case would depend upon your requirements of service and the kind of files already stored apart from the security you would like to have in course of your usage.
    If you would like to have the best providers, you might study the features of the following apps detailing their price mechanisms, cloud backup services, its storage capacities, allowing you for the business storage and other useful features in case of your selection of such cloud storages.
    1) iDrive - This cloud storage delivers a lot of storage capacity through online for an incredible small outlay with provision of wide range of platforms. The price is pocket friendly for most of the consumers. It would provide excellent backup storage being highly configurable and at the same time, it is easy to use.
    2) p Cloud Storage- This cloud storage can offer you a stack of essential backup with the provision of sharing and file management features. While negotiating for this app initially, it might look costly at the first glance but looking at their service such as personalised messages and creating of custom down load pages are convenient and price efficient.
    3) Sync Cloud Storage- This version allows you to store files up to 180 days at a stretch with no dislocation of their existing services. Here you can have a lot of team friendly features. You can ask for files from multiple people. You would have the opportunities of contacting with the share folder team for resolving your doubts connected with the storage issues.
    4) Ice Drive Cloud Storage- This being cloud based storage would provide you easy to use interface with no limitation file size apart from low starting price. It allows the users to browse files, streaming your media files with an inbuilt player without having downloaded the app first.
    5) Nord Locker Cloud Storage- it is simple but highly secured storage platform having a lot of customers. Their services are easy to be used where in you can create more space for the storage. Moreover there is the provision of regular folders on windows and Mac Devices Drag and Drop file features with the locking system apart from super tight security system.

  • Purchasing cloud space depends on the purpose you are going to use it for. Do you need a cloud space for simply storing your personal files instead of storing them in your local drives like USB flash drives, CD/DVD ROM, external hard discs, etc? Then there are lots of cloud storage spaces available for free with storage limitations.

    Cloud Storage Space:

    Some free cloud storage spaces are Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, MEGA, Degoo, TeraBox, etc. All these cloud services provide up to 10 GB to 15 GB of storage space. Some services provide up to 100 GB and even 1TB space too available for free. But all these can be used to simply store your files.

    For more security and privacy DropBox is the best choice to store your important and sensitive files. It is widely stated by everyone that DropBox has been the most trusted among all the others.

    Cloud Hosting Space:

    If you need cloud space for hosting your websites and other web application projects, you need cloud hosting services like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Digital Ocean, IBM Cloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    The most trusted cloud server is Google Cloud Platform and on the other hand, the cheapest cloud service is Digital Ocean.

    Thanks & regards
    Selvakumaran Krishnan

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