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  • Confused about choosing between VIT Chennai CSE or BITS Hyderabad ECE

    Unsure whether to apply for admission to the VIT Chennai CSE course or the BITS Hyderabad ECE? Check out the suggestions by experts to help you make a better choice.

    I am in a dilemma about which institute's course would be better to take up, between VIT Chennai CSE (Category 1) or BITS Hyderabad ECE, as most probably I will not be getting BITS Hyderabad CSE.
    Please clarify with reasoning.
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  • VIT, Chennai and BITS, Hyderabad.
    Regardless of any branch or campus, BITS is the best among the above two.
    1. VIT admits many students. There is a management quota. So entry is not as difficult as that of BITS, Hyderabad.
    2. BITS, Hyderabad or any other campus of BITS admission is transparent. They go by merit. If you have any complaints, you can make them also. They will show you the marks you obtained in your admission test if you want. But VIT is not that transparent. They admit more students. Many students join under the management quota.
    3. BITS is established by the Birla group for providing good education to merit students. But they never look for money from BITS.
    4. BITS never go for advertisement. No advertisement is required for these institutes as they don't need it. VIT spend money on advertisement also.
    5. Campus facilities in BITS, Hyderabad is excellent. I have visited the campus many times.
    6. The Staff members are very committed and a lot of research activity will be going on in this institute.
    7. Pass-outs from BITS will get excellent openings and almost 100% placement in the best companies with good pay packets.
    8. There are students who preferred BITS over some of the NITs also.
    9. BITS is the 6th best college in India. The top 5 are old IITs.
    10. In my opinion BITS should be preferred over VIT. Please never go by commercial surveys and advertisements.
    11. BITS has a very highly qualified faculty. The laboratories are very well equipped. Modern equipment is available and a student will have better exposure to this equipment
    12. There is an incubator for startups and there are many projects which will enable the students to have more exposure to the needs of the industry.
    13. If I were you, without any hesitation, I will join BITS, Hyderabad in ECE without thinking anything else.

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  • While considering both institutions we can say that both VIT Chennai and BITS Hyderabad are the distinguished institutions providing quality education in the different technical streams but still there are certain parameters if considered carefully, we would find marked differences between the two. There are some of the considerations reflecting the difference between their ways of functioning. The following are the important considerations-
    1) BITS adheres to rigid quality admission procedures from the different states considering the best performers in their qualifying examinations and hence the admitted students are bright and there is no influence of any politicians or influential persons during the admission procedure. VIT Chennai inducts the aspirants through their own admission procedure comprising of both written and oral and apart from this norm, this institution inducts aspirants through the Management Quota on the fulfilment of their demanded admission fees.
    2) The sole aim of BITS is to provide quality education through the team of the dedicated professors who are themselves involved in upgrading the student skills with the proper guidance resolving their doubts in course of teaching. VIT lacks such an option.
    3) BITS does not display advertisement highlighting their achievements other than its notification of admission in the leading newspapers. VIT differs in respect of advertisements highlighting the positive points for influencing the aspirants.
    4) In respect of placement, BITS ensures that all the aspirants are absorbed in the premium companies and they conduct 100 % placements consistently in each year. Though VIT takes care of this aspect but the mode of placement is not to that level and fluctuate between 70 % and 80% depending upon the stream they have opted.
    5) BITS ensures that the aspirants should receive the education of the highest standards with the latest revision of the syllabus time to time and there is no external pressure from the management side to demand any unreasonable money in relation to admission. VIT does have the dual system of fees.
    6) BITS is ranked in 6 th place in the field of imparting Engineering Education and other tankers are the old IIT Institutions such as IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Chennai, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Mumbai.

  • BITS Hyderabad is much better than VIT, Chennai.
    There are many points to be noticed which are as follows:-
    1. BITS has no management quota whereas VIT takes admission on a management basis
    2. In respect of advertisement BITS never display advertisements in which institutional achievement is included. Whereas VIT highlights the positive points for influencing the aspirants.
    3. Bits Hyderabad get 100? placement whereas VIT doesn't get 100% placement in the job. It depends on the candidate's performance in the examination
    4. BIT got 6th rank in India whereas VIT rank is low compared to BIT.
    5. BIT provide quality education which results in the student getting a decent job whereas VIT faculty are average and pass-out student is not guaranteed job.

  • When we compare between these two institutions that is BITS, Hyderabad and VIT, Chennai then we find that in many respects BITS, Hyderabad is having an edge over VIT, Chennai. Some of the main points are -
    1. Placement is an important thing and BITS, Hyderabad is having a good track record.
    2. All the students selected in BITS, Hyderabad are taken through the merit route and that makes a good educational environment.
    3. The faculty in BITS, Hyderabad is well reputed and well known in the educational circles.
    4. They have a collaboration and link with start ups and scope for new projects. In today's environment of severe unemployment and necessity for searching avenues for self employment such collaboration can be useful for the fresher struggling for a job.
    5. In BITS, Hyderabad they have all the modern facilities in their campus facilitating students a congenial environment.

    From your query it is evident that you are also inclined to take admission in BITS, Hyderabad but are not sure whether you will get selected there or not. In this reference I have to mention that it is important to do a course from a good and reputed institute but that is not the only thing in this matter of pursuing education. Institute only provides us facilities and environment. What ultimately matters is our hard work and concentration in our studies and get some merit in the course we attempt. If we make that as the motto of our lives then some differences between the two institutions are not going to make a big difference. So I would suggest that even if you get admission in other institute other than BIT, Hyderabad then take it as a challenge to work hard and do better than the students of that institution. With focus and hard work you can achieve that. All the best.

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