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  • Query regarding which course to select for Masters in USA

    Confused about whether to select a software development or product designing Master's course to pursue in the USA? Quickly check out the suggestions provided here to help make the right choice.

    I am having difficulty regarding which course should I select for my masters in the USA. I have knowledge in both product designing as well as software development and coding but don't know which side to pick so I need some help on this subject. I thus request to give a solution on this based on your expertise.
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  • You have not mentioned the subject you have studied in your under-graduation course. Having knowledge is different and doing MS is different. I hope you are eligible for any one of the three specializations mentioned, namely Coding, Software development and product designing.
    All three are good subjects. What subject is very much interesting for you? I say you should select that subject for your MS. If you are equally interested in all the three subjects mentioned you should go for the best subjects which will give you a better scope for career development. Software development is the best subject and chances for getting good job opportunities and career progress is also better in that line. Salary hikes will be very good and promotions also will be fast in this field. If I were you, I will definitely opt for software development.

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  • Though you have mentioned the areas having your knowledge in Coding, Software Developments and Products Design but having knowledge in these domains are not enough for the sustenance of your MS Course. You should examine the subjects with which you have graduated and choice of the subjects should be followed accordingly.
    With the changing of time, we see that no branch as indicated by you is less important. While talking about Coding, a sound knowledge in this field make you far efficient than others because of your sound grasping analysis apart from your core skills in coding and lot of demands are foreseen in the future as well with the enhanced creations of jobs and hence this area might be pursued for your masters courses.
    Software Development- The task of the software developer stretches from making or augmenting software applications for the mobile services such as cell phones, tablets etc.
    The most exciting programming languages are Java, Java Script and Python and hence updating in this area such as Software Skills, Designing, Testing and Building to meet the end user's need would certainly multiply their career prospects in their job services.
    Product Design- This would cover multiple range of designing such as Graphic Design, Product Road Design, Crafting, Design Testing etc and hence this could be the fascinating area apart from your substantial growth if you have the real appetite for the same.
    What I suggest you you need to choose your specialisation area in MS being undertaken in USA with your own interest provided you have had such a skill set your graduation stage. Of all the three, they have enough potentials for the tremendous growth.

  • Your core competence is in Product design and software development and coding field so it would be a natural call to think to do masters in one of them but from job point of view we have to find out what are the emerging technologies and prospective areas related to your competencies.
    If we see from that angle then we can pinpoint some areas where doing a masters would be much more beneficial for making a career. Some of these are Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytic, Cloud Computing and Cloud Management, Artificial Intelligence etc.
    There are some other subjects which also have a good scope for a career making angle but they are not related to your core areas but you can just consider them for masters if you feel comfortable in that and have no apprehension of any type. These are Business Administration (MBA), Marketing, Healthcare Administration, Business policies etc.

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