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  • What are the difficulties will arise when age shortfall in cbse ukg admissions

    Worried about your child's age shortfall with regard to his/her future prospects? Get opinions from our educational & career experts.

    My daughter born on 17.05.2018, even though with shortfall of 3 months we put her in UKG. Is it ok or not while considering about CBSE 10th board exams? Will it reflect in Govt eligibility exams like NEET, JEE, etc. If problem will arise what we should do!
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  • 3 months shortfall while admitting her to UKG may not have any effect on her NEET, JEE etc examinations in future. There is a long way to go. But present admission may be a problem and that all depends on the school or institute you are trying to admit her. CBSE board may consider up to 6 months shortfall if the school in which the student is studying is a recognised school and the school recommends the age exception for your daughter. So talk to Head Master or Principal of the school in which you want to admit your daughter. If they are ready to get your daughter admitted go ahead.

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  • A shortfall of three months in respect of date of birth of your daughter is not likely to impact her much in the event of he competitive examinations such as NEET, JEE etc. She will have enough time for her continuation of her education. There are the chances that policy of ages might suit her at the later stage because of revision of the age criteria.
    If you have not made any inquiry regarding the age factor which could create problems to her with the present Principal of UKG, the same might be clarified from any school attached to CBSE Board related to her age problems in future. I think you might get proper feed back in this regard from any principal of school running under CBSE.
    As far as I know there is the provision from the CBSE Board to consider such cases where there is shortfall of age up to six months in respect of ages of the candidates. However take your initiatives as suggested by the Principal of any recognised school attached to CBSE Board.

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