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  • College isn't providing exam results and semester marks card

    Is your college not providing you the exam results and semester marks card, even in the last semester? Check the possible solutions available for this purpose from our experts.

    I'm a 5 year integrated course student (2017-2022). According to the duration of this course, the course is almost about to end. But still, 2 semester exams are pending. Not yet received some supplementary results which have to receive years back. And also not yet received the semester marks card except first two semesters. I'm in final year now. If I asked about this to management, they weren't co-operate. They would tell an excuse and skip. I'm paying the fee in lakhs. But not receive anything. When i went to university to complaint about this, they told that this is the issue from college only. College management isn't trying to provide marks card and exam results even if the university provide. What should do ?
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  • This seems to be a pathetic condition especially when the results are declared all of sudden and the results are not up to your expectations. The released results might show that you could not clear a few semesters due to some backlogs in one or two. The following points if taken by majority of students of your college could arrest their negligent attitudes of your college management. The points are as follows-
    1) You might have heard the role of AICTE. They are the best monitors of the functioning of the technical course of each college ensuring that there is proper coverage of the course, adequate teaching faculties, regular conducting of laboratory assignments or other practical aspects etc as per their directives.
    2) Apart from that close monitoring of functioning of the college is their job and you all students should meet the secretary of this authority highlighting this irregularities.
    3) Meet the local politician either an influential MLA or MP having influence over the administration of the college and to correct the situation, he might have detailed talks with the owner of the college forcing him to maintain regularity of release the results in time.
    4) Some of you might meet the Education Minister of the state and apprise him of your current predicaments.
    5) If you all affected with this irregular system could draw the attention of the aspirants of other colleges requesting them to be united in this hours of crisis and start a non violent agitation before the Vice Chancellor of the University, it could create a favourable result.

  • It is very peculiar. How the UGC and AICTE gave recognition to that college. Is this problem specific to you or to all the students of that college?
    If it is specific to only you means you have to ask for the reasons for not issuing the marks lists and other certificates. All correspondence should be in writing and you have to have proof that you have submitted this letter to them. If they are not giving a proper reply, you have to file a case in court. You have to contact a good advocate. But before doing that you should ensure that there is no lapse from your side. Less attendance, not paying fees or not submitting original certificates etc, may lead to the stoppage of results and marks lists. But if any such lapse is there should be a communication from them. So please discuss the problem with a lawyer and then go forward.
    Another approach is to take the help of an influential person in that area and see that he will resolve the problem,

    If this problem is for all the students, you all should make your representation to UGC, AICTE and the university with which the college is affiliated. You may be having a student union in your college. They should take up the matter strongly with the above institutions so that they will write to the college and get the facts.
    You can also represent the matter to the district collector and the State government so that they can get into action and see that justice is done to the students. All the students unitedly should go to the higher authorities and demand justice. The role of student union is very important here.

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  • It is very rare problem. Generally it is duty of college management to take care of their student regarding marksheet and certificate issue. This problem is connected with you only or all student? If it is connected with you only then you ask the reason from college management. And if it is related with all student then it is best for you to make union and meet college management they will definitely take action because of strength. First, you try to know that college is affiliated with which statutory body like UGC or AICTE. You write application to them and they will take action. If your problem is not solved by this method you can go to court. You may take suggestion from lawyer. Otherwise, you can write this problem to district collector. They will meet college authority for judgement.

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