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  • Can I change my caste from MBC to BC?

    Are you looking for ways to change your caste classification? Do you want to know whether it is possible? Check out this thread for detailed answers from our knowledgeable members.

    My name is Kailash and I'm from Tamilnadu. My mother belongs to the Most Backward Class but my father belongs to Backward Class. I have also been placed under the MBC but would like to change to BC. Is this possible and if yes what is the procedure for changing my caste?
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  • Generally, there is no [rovision for changing the caste of a person in India.
    When the wife and the husband belong to a different castes. initially by default, the children are given the caste of their father only. But later on, some cases were filed in Supreme Court saying that they want to have the caste of their mothers. Supreme court gave a verdict saying that once a caste is assigned it can't be changed. But it is not mandatory to give the caste of the father to his children. The environment and the circumstances in which the child was brought up will be considered and either caste of the mother or father will be given. Once caste is assigned we can't change.
    But if you feel that you were brought up in the circumstance belonging to your father more than your mother, you can file a suit in court questioning the authorities and asking for a change. It may take some time and the verdict may or may not come in your favour. So think about this point and if you feel that change is required you consult a good advocate in your area and follow his advice.
    I think it is not advisable to go for the suit as it involves a lot of expenditure and takes a lot of time.

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  • The title indicated in your certificate is the indication of your cast and once all your connecting documents showing of a particular caste , it would be difficult to make any correction. However, there are ways of changing the same and for this, you need to meet an experienced lawyer for his valuable advice. If there is the possibility of making a fresh affidavit, he would let you know. You have to produce his Aadhar Card and her qualification documents where his title is being shown against his names in all such certificates.
    You would be required to make a fresh affidavit under his guidance and once the affidavit is countersigned by the magistrate, get it wide publicity in the two papers - one in English Prominent Paper and the other in Local Newspaper for the wide circulation of the same. Retain the cutting to be shown whenever such a situation develops.
    Don't go for the suit since this would be a time consuming procedure apart from involvement of huge expenses.

  • As mentioned above you have been placed in MBC and you want backward caste as your father belongs to. Earlier, there was no provision to change and if father and mother belong to different caste then children belong to father's caste only but afterwards rule was changed and children can belong to either father's or mother's caste. In some especial condition you can change also. But, it would be very difficult to change your caste. If you want then you can consult from experienced lawyer they will give details to change your caste. You will need to make a fresh affidavit under his guidance and affidavit should be countersigned by the magistrate. After that you get it wide publicity in the two papers - one in English reputed Paper and the other in Local Newspaper for the publicity. You should keep safe cutting of paper for further process. Before going for that you must keep in mind that it is very length and time consuming process. Apart from it you should keep a lot of money because expenditure will be more in this process. As per my suggestion you should not change.

  • Though it seems to be easy to change the caste levels from one to another practically there are so many difficulties in the changing process. Basically the need of changing the caste level from one to another in you is based on the facilities or considerations given to MBC. But it is not correct or good to change the caste from the genuine one to another for such availing facilities and will not yield a good result as you have expected. In due course, your present caste may get some other type of facility and in such a case what your action will be? Will you apply again for reversal action?

  • Normally there is no way to change the caste once it is already documented in the Govt records. But if you have a genuine reason for doing that then you can go for the legal resolution by applying through it with proper justification and documentation.
    Please note that the reasons should not be merely for taking advantage of the facilities of Govt for the various categories of the castes. If that is the case then no court of law will allow for that.
    So what I would suggest is that please consult a lawyer about it and take advice in the matter.

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