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  • How to enable 5g in jio mobile app

    Finding difficulty in enabling 5g network in you jio mobile app? Check out this thread for possible issues and step by step solutions to enable the same.


    I have enabled android mobile phone to 5G network, but there is no option in jio mobile app to enable 5G network.kindly suggest steps to enable 5G network without changing the SIM card. As per news announcement, jio network has released 5g enable option available in jio mobile app. Customers need to register for 6g request. Even after updating jio app in mobile, 5g network has not been enabled. Kindly provide step by step procedure to enable the same.
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  • 5G is activated in some select cities only I think so far. Jio says they will enable 5G services all over India by the end of 2023.
    The present SIMs we are suing can be enabled for 5G services and the following are the steps suggested.
    1. Go to the Settings app on your phone.
    2. Select the mobile Network or a similar setting.
    3. Select the Jio SIM
    4. Select Jio as your preferred mobile service provider
    5. Then select the option 5G.
    6. A 5G symbol will appear on the status bar. Then your phone is 5G enables.
    Even after doing this if you are not able to see that 5G symbol, you have to contact JIO sales team for necessary suggestions.

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  • Jio is rolling out 5G in a phased manner in our country. They will be covering the various areas sequentially as per the roll out plan and schedule. It is obvious that it would take some considerable time to cover the whole country or in the allotted zone to Jio.
    Once the 5G facility is made available in your area, you can activate it in your mobile by using the standard procedure prescribed for it by Jio.
    As per the standard procedure one has to select the 'setting' and go to 'mobile network' and then select the 'preferred network'.

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  • Jio has drawn up a plan to activate the 5 G plan slowly but actively from December 22 so as to cover up the major cities in the first phase. They would later step into other areas according to their plans already decided for other cities and places. Hence to accomplish the entire task for better coverage of 5 G Network might be a time consuming process but keeping an eye for their own image, they would not like any slackness either.
    The customers have to be vigilant whether their areas have been activated in that direction. In case of activation of their area, they can activate their mobile with the 5 G version with Jio.

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