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  • What is the easiest and instant solution for heel pain

    Are you suffering from pain in the heels once you get up from the bed or after sitting for a while? Our experienced members will tell you the possible reasons and solutions in response to this thread.

    I am facing huge pain in my right heel as soon as I get up in the morning. It goes off as soon as I start walking. However, if I sit for a long time and get up, then it pains again and vanishes once I start walking. What might be the reason? Please provide me with the best solution to get rid of this heel pain.
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  • It is good effective practically experienced by me. grab one or two leaves of arka leaves which is normally available in all open lands. Keep these leaves on the paining heels or paw just like that and cover with shoe socks. If shoe socks are not available you can cover with some cloth. By applying this type for two three days your pain get vanished. Other names of arka are erukku in Tamil, aakanda in Bengali, jilledu in Telugu,

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  • There are not much details in the question about the age, occupation, overall health and body structure and other health issues. Hence it may not be possible to suggest any specific remedies.
    However I may suggest some general suggestions assuming you are normal healthy and normal in other parameters.
    1. Examine your heels after washing clean with soap and warm water. Ensure there is no inflammation or wound.
    2. Apply common popular pain relieving ointments or oils externally at the affected heel.
    3. If you are walking a lot for your work or for other purpose, reduce the speed, distance and duration if possible. Otherwise take short period rest after some walking and relieve strain on the heels.
    4. Check your footwear and if they are worn out at heels, change to new comfortable footwear.
    5. Whenever possible keep foot at knee level on a teapoy or stool, so that the heels get rest.
    6. Dissolve some common salt in comfortably warm water and dip feet in that and keep for some time.
    7. If you have a habit of keeping feet exposed while sleeping at night, especially during cold season or under fan, cover feet also.
    8. Take a common simple pain and inflammation relieving, muscle relaxant tablet for two days. Do not exceed the dose and frequency.

    If by all these if the pain does not subside or stop, then you have to consult a qualified doctor.

  • Heel pain is a common problem for many these days. Heavy pressure on the heel or foot may cause heel pain. The heel will have fatty tissues and these tissues will allow the heel without losing its shape/ The pain will be felt anywhere in the heel.
    There are many reasons for heel pain and some of them are
    1. overweight.
    2. Sitting on your feet for long periods on hard surfaces.
    4. The fat pad of the heel might have become thin
    5. Irritation
    6. Arthritis in the ankle or heel joint.
    7. A fracture in the heel bone
    You can modify or adopt some of the following practices so that the pain will come down.
    1. Maintain weight as suggested by the doctors
    2. The activities you undertake should minimise the shock to your feet from the constant pounding on hard surfaces.
    3. Wear footwear which will have shock-absorbing material in the heel.
    4. Reduce stress on your heel
    The following are some of the home remedies.
    1. Do daily some foot stretching exercises
    2. Talk an ice pack and keep it on your heel for 15 minutes. Daily you can do it 2 or 3 times and each time it should be for 15 minutes.
    3. It is better to wear a splint when you go to sleep.
    4. Avoid long-duration sitting keeping the heel pressing against a hard surface. It is advisable to wear soft slippers even when you sit.
    5. Keeping your feet in warm salt water for 15 minutes daily once may also help you in getting the pain reduced.\
    6. Aloe vera gel can be applied on the heel if there is any swelling.
    7. Lavender oil mixed with coconut oil can be applied on the heel which will help in the reduction of pain.
    8. You can use over-the-desk pain-reducing medicines when the pain is high. But using them for a long is not advisable.
    If the problem continues even after adopting the home remedies for 10 to 15 days, it is better to see a doctor and take his advice.

    always confident

  • Heel pain is a very common foot disease. It's usually felt as an intense pain when using the affected heel. Generally it happens when a band of tissue in the foot, known as the plantar fascia, becomes damaged and thickens.Heel pain usually builds up gradually and gets worse over time. The pain is often severe and occurs when you place weight on your heel. I have noticed that nowadays many people have been suffering this kind of problem. In this conditions you need to take precaution. Some of the following method which you can try for relieving from pain arr as follows:-
    1.Rest as much as possible.
    2.Apply ice to the heel for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day.
    3.Take over-the-counter pain medications.
    4.Wear shoes that fit properly.
    5.Wear a night splint, a special device that stretches the foot while you sleep.
    6.Use heel lifts or shoe inserts to reduce pain.
    7.Wear shoes that fit properly and support the foot.
    8.Wear the right shoes for physical activity.
    9.Stretch your muscles before exercising.
    10.Pace yourself during physical activity.
    11.Maintain a healthy diet.
    12.Maintain a healthy weight.

  • Heel pain becomes unbearable sometimes due to extreme weather conditions such as extreme cold climates sweeping cold air or prevalence of extreme humid weather. The remedy could have been suggested in a more precise way had there been details of age, occupation, nature of jobs and his food patterns etc.
    whatever he is narrating can be termed as Vatdosha which reflects the excess circulation of vayu inside the system. The three doshas vat, pitta and cough should always remain in balance so as to avoid the pain which you are feeling in your heel.
    You can take up the following remedies to alleviate your heel pain-
    1) Application of mustard oil on the entire body system would be beneficial especially in the affected area. To get faster relief, treat the mustard oil with three buds of raw garlic pouring the same in the mustard oil and apply heat to the mixture till the garlic buds are completely burnt out. Allow the mixture to restore room temperature and discard the garlic buds. Now use the leftover oil for the gentle massaging on the affected part twice daily for a fortnight so that you get a permanent relief.
    2) As far as possible avoid using cold items such as curd, taking radish as salads in night or cold drinks since all these items would escalate your pain.
    3) You might take Kaishore Gugglu as per advice of the Ayurvedic Doctor to contain the prevailing vayu Doshas. This would provide you permanent relief since Gugglu present in this Rasayan along with other herbs containing in this Rasayan would act in synergy to provide you relief within a fortnight if taken twice daily in the empty stomach preferably with hot water.
    4) During the night, prior to going to bed for sleep, take one teaspoon of spoon of Triphala Churna followed by warm water on regular basis for at least a month to get rid of this disorder.
    5) In the morning hours, you may soak your feet in a bucket containing warm water with two spoons of salt in it and keep the affected part for at least fifteen minutes regularly so as to get instant relief.
    6) Use of Aswagandha Powder- Aswagandha is known for its healing qualities of all sorts of body pain irrespective of its location in addition to an excellent immunity booster of the roots of Aswagandha and hence this powder of any reputed pharmaceutical should be used to the extent of half of teaspoon to be dissolved in 150 ml of cow milk to be taken in the night just half an hour of the dinner for at least a month to notice its benefits.
    You need not follow all such remedies but take one or two at a time to take care of your heel pain.

  • There are many reasons of the heel pain but the most common is that there maybe some weakness in the tendon or connective tissues in the areas adjacent to the heel bones. Please note that heel is the place where all the load of body is acting and though the heel bone is bigger and is supposed to take this load but with time and exertion it is very possible that it is not able to take that load due to problem in the connecting tissues or ligaments.
    This requires a thorough investigation by the doctor to identify the cause so that it can be treated. If pain is not continuous then physiotherapy also helps in the matter. If some inflammation is associated then some anti inflammatory medicines would be prescribed.
    Any weakness or fatigue near the heel bone will result in pain and it is obvious that periodic rest would be required to be taken.
    Whatever medicines (allopathic or ayurvedic or nature cure) you take are for the symptomatic relief of the pain and though most of them will reduce the feeling of pain but would not be able to cure the underlying ailment and it would repeat and come back. A good doctor having expertise in arthritis and joints will be able to give a correct advice in the matter. The problems of ligaments, joints, and bones take time in healing and it is imperative that any exerting work which creates a pressure on heel is to be avoided.

    Knowledge is power.

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