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  • What are the basic eligibility for Digital Marketing jobs

    How to get a job in digital marketing? What are the educational qualifications required for digital marketing?

    One of the well-known jobs these days are IT and Digital Marketing jobs. I got some queries from the junior candidates on the Digital Marketing profile and basic requirements. An expert can let us know about the basic things to get employed for a Digital Marketing role.
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  • As such, there is no specified course for entering into digital marketing. One should have a bachelor's degree in any subject. A degree in marketing, advertising, communication or journalism is preferred to have a good career in digital marketing. To become a digital marketing person, the first step is to get a degree in the subjects mentioned above. But graduates in other subjects can also take up a job in digital marketing.
    The next step is to learn some skills that are important for a person to excel in digital marketing. Data Analytics, content writing and communications skills are very important to become a good digital marketing person. So one should acquire a certificate in any of the above skills.
    Some companies will take people as apprentices in their companies. Try to do that also so that you will have hands-on experience. Once you complete this, you can try for an entry-level job. As you gain experience you will get better chances to get better jobs. While working you can think of getting a PG qualification also so that you can get senior jobs.

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  • All the digitised companies are gearing up on development of integrated marketing strategies which could help them to reach out the customer- segments with the various innovative marketing plans.
    Digital marketing course including the online are available helping the aspirants to understand the core concepts of digital marketing but it would rather depend upon the grasp of skill sets of various tools apart from their relevant experience.
    Eligibility criteria to enter in the job of digital marketing area -
    In order to have the better grasp in the Digital Marketing Area, the aspirants are expected to have acquired a minimum graduation degree of pattern- 10+2+3 from a recognised university preferably with Science, Computers and Commerce so that they don't face any ambiguity of basics in their ongoing learning session of the digital courses.
    Even MBA graduates can take up the course of Digital Marketing with their two years working experience in the marketing areas.
    The aspirants should have the flair of understanding the different tools and should be innovative minded. Moreover it would be better on their part to enhance their spoken skills so that handling the clients becomes more smooth.
    During their learning programme, they should pay adequate attention to the following areas -
    1) Analytics
    2) SEO & SEM.
    3) Copy Writing.
    4) Content Marketing.
    5) Market Research
    6) Study of Latest Market Trends etc.
    In order to be proficient in this area, the aspirants should have more analytical minded and enhanced thinking abilities in the domains they are practising.

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