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  • Which University is best for studying Civil Engineering in Tamil Nadu?

    Are you looking for the best universities in Tamil Nadu to study Civil Engineering? Find the best Universities in Tamil Nadu to Study Civil Engineering.

    My cousin sister wants to study Civil Engineering at a College in Tamil Nadu. She has been looking for a good University to pursue her graduation for a long time. I need to suggest to her a better University. Can you please help me to find out a better University to Study Civil Engineering in Tamil Nadu?
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  • Hey Sreelakshmi,

    In Tamil Nadu, we have many best universities to study civil engineering. Following are some of them.

    Anna University, Chennai
    P.S.G. College of Technology, Coimbatore
    Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
    Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
    Government College of Technology, Coimbatore
    Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Sriperumbudur
    Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore
    A.C.College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi
    Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Virudhunagar
    Government College of Engineering, Salem

  • There are many engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. Among them, the best civil engineering college

    IIT madras
    Anna university
    NIT tiruchirapalli
    Amrita, Coimbatore
    Karpagam Academy of Higher Education
    VIT University, Vellore
    PSG College of Technology
    TCE Madurai
    Coimbatore Institute of Technology

  • Civil Engineering Skills are deeply rooted in Mathematics and Science and hence this branch demands strong concepts in both the subjects so that the students can apply their basics in their studies in Civil Engineering Design.
    Apart from that Civil Engineering is the combination of numerous interesting specialism which would cover Hydraulics, Geotechnics, Material Science, Statistical Science, deep understanding of Earth's Crust etc so as to have sound command in the subject.
    Knowledge in this domain would be incomplete if field trips and surveying jobs are not carried out by the aspirants under the guidance of the competent professors.
    Hence the aspirants need to look out distinguished institutions to carry on their studies in this field.
    While talking about top colleges in the branch of Civil Engineering in Tamil Nadu, the following institutions would suit best for their ongoing studies-
    1) IIT Madras - This is the oldest institution started way back to 1959 to impart best education in this stream under the guidance of competent professors, Geologists and other surveying staffs so as to have the sound concepts in all the areas related to Civil Engineering. Any doubt arising in course of studies are resolved amicably in the class sessions. In the field work assignments, they are supported with all possible practical training.
    2) NIT Tiruchirapalli- This college has the best faculties providing the students best inputs in the different areas of the courses of Civil Engineering. The professors are experienced and cordial and would try their best to alleviate the doubts of the students.
    3) VIT Vellore- Though this a privately managed Institution, this institution takes utmost care in strengthening the concepts of each student through their class sessions, project assignments, regular tests of the subjects, application of visual basics in course of teaching etc.
    The other colleges in this stream are as follows-
    4) Anna University Madras.
    5) Coimbatore Institution of Technology.

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