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  • Is it necessary to complete a course in photography to work with a newspaper or magazine?

    Are you looking for an answer to whether a person who has not got any formal education in Photography as a subject can get employment in newspapers or magazines? Check out this thread for the options.

    There are many people who not only love taking photos but also are very good at it, clicking amazing photos that somehow come out with very highly accurate lighting and other aspects without needing to use any software tools to edit them. Suppose such people are keen to join a prestigious newspaper or magazine, either a national-based one or an international one.

    My queries are-
    1. Is it necessary to complete a formal course in photography that is or is not a part of a formal journalism course?
    2. Is any other formal academic qualification necessary, such as that you must be a Graduate? Can even a 10th or 12th passed candidate get employment as a photographer with a newspaper or a magazine to, say, cover events?

    Note that I am not talking about photojournalism but just a general photographer getting an employment opportunity with newspapers or magazines.
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  • To be proficient in photography, we need to know relevant skills so as the photos produced by the artists are photogenic and looking the same from the different angles would indicate realistic at all angles chosen by the artists. Though there are courses in the domain of photography of different duration offering them different inputs essential to be expert in the area of photography but for an intelligent artist, such qualifications would not be required if the photographers have their inclinations in this profession. Their constant exposure in this field would be enough to go ahead with this profession and with time, they would pick up the different useful skills to influence the people related to this area.
    The following skills would be required for the photographers to be successful in their assignments-
    1) Based on the requirements of the project, the photographer is supposed to take pictures of people, settings, events and other objects to be included in the photography depending upon the project.
    2) They need to employ their artistic skills to produce images of high order so as to get admiration of the clients.
    3) The photographer must have the ability of taking high quality images possessing cameras, equipments including lights, lenses and a tripod.
    4) After completion of the picture, the photographer would resize, edit or enhance its image with the application of software or taking the help of photoshop.
    In respect of qualifications, the photographer should be courteous and soft spoken and must have the ability to understand the situation where he is rendering his service. However, he must have the ability to speak languages effectively including English. They would not be necessarily graduates but having qualifications of 10+2 would be enough to carry on their professions.

  • To become a Journalist, it is not necessary to have a degree or PG or diploma in Photography.
    As a matter of fact, no graduation is also required to become a journalist. The interest in writing and conversing with people is the main skill required for a journalist. I know many journalists for local papers who are just Inter passed but they talk well and write well in the local language. These days everybody is using a cell phone that will have an in-built camera. If you know how to take photographs with that, it will serve the purpose.
    The eligibility criteria for a person to become a journalist are as follows. These are general specifications. From organisation to organisation, there may be some minor changes.
    1. Candidates must have passed their 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks from any stream from a recognized central/state board of education. There may be some relaxation in percentage for SC/ST or other reserved categories. Some organisations ask for a higher percentage in English subjects. Standard organisations which will pay higher salaries may ask for Graduation.
    If you want to be a journalist try to acquire some qualifications in Journalism and Mass communication. No organisation will ask for a qualification in Photography for a normal journalist.

    always confident

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