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  • How to get children to concentrate on their studies by freeing them from gadgets?

    Fed up with your child's addiction to gadgets and are seeking expert advice on how to get them to focus on their studies? Check out the advice given here to achieve this goal.

    During the Covid years, children did not move out and did not attend schools. With online classes, parents were obliged to give their children mobile phones. Subsequently, they started twiddling with mobile phones even after school re-started, so much so that have stayed addicted to mobile phones and other gadgets. It is now increasingly difficult for parents to part them from gadgets. Can you suggest some effective methods to free children from mobile usage for long hours?
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  • We can made them to involve in extra curriculum like drawing, painting, learning music or instruments which divert them from mobile usages. Parents should give valuable time with children on daily basis on even simple matters. Such things made familiarity in children with parents so that the concentration or involvement in gadgets will get vanished day by day. Further it creates more bondage between parents and children.

  • Initially, it might be a difficult task for the parents to change the habits of their kids who were badly attached to mobile phones passing their times with the different features available in the same. This can be substantiated by their idle sittings in their homes due to the corona phase. Moreover they did not enough attention of their parents due to their preoccupations with their jobs. To inculcate good habits among the kids, the following points should be thought of prior to changing their habits-
    1) The parents should pay enough time to their kids so that they could appreciate their attitudes and other good qualities and demerits. The parents should take note of both merits and demerits of their children. Such an analysis would help the parents to take appropriate steps in motivating and correcting their kids.
    2) To attract the attention of their kids, they must include a story telling sessions dealing in stories related to Mahabharata, Ramayan or some other interesting stories which the parents might have learned in their childhood days. They can also include the achievements of great heroes of the past such as Mahatma Gandhi, Late Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Sastri, Late Subhash Chandra Bose etc so that they can arouse motivation among them.
    3) The parents should play some games with them such as Football, Hockey, Table Tennis etc with the inclusion of some more children and in that way the kids would develop interest in games and with the progression of time, they will be less interested in mobiles.
    4) Take interest in their homework assignments and in case, the parents find their kids need support, the parents should spare some time for sustenance of kid's interest.
    5) Interaction with the kids should be stepped up so that the kids get closeness of their parents and in that way, there will be strong bond between parents and children.
    6) The parents should go through the school diary to know their assignments. The kids should be encouraged to complete the tasks in time.
    7) The parents should be able to inoculate problem solving methods among their kids so as to develop their practical intelligence.

  • Basically, children learn by observing their parents in the house. If we teach them what we practice, they will get them easily. If we only preach to them they will not hear us. All parents should remember this point always.
    Before taking away the gadgets from the children parents should stop using them when the children are observing them. This is a very important point. I have seen some parents asking their children to study but they will be chatting with their friends on their mobiles. In such a case, the children will not concentrate on their studies.
    My elder son stopped purchasing a TV when they shifted from Hyderabad to Bangalore as his two daughters are spending more time viewing TV. Now they have forgotten about TV. My daughter-in-law never opens her mobile before her children. She never allows the children to see a mobile.
    Parents should purchase various educative games and start teaching how to play those games to the children. There are games likes combining various pieces to give the shape of a particular animal. Similarly, many storybooks with colourful pictures give various episodes for epics like Ramayan, Mahabharat etc so that children will get attracted to such stories and know the importance of values and morals in life.
    Parents should spend sufficient time with their children and see that they will concentrate on the work they are doing. No children should be left to maids. Parents should see that their children are attending to their studies properly.

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  • Nowadays, it is a very common problem. Most parents are suffering from this kind of kid habit. This kind of habit came in children due to corona. Actually, at that time online class was going on. All kids got electronic gadgets for their studies but many of them started to play games instead of studying. And finally, children got habituated. I think it is a very difficult task for parents to remove from habits of their children. If their children get habituated to bad habits. So, parents have to work hard for their children. First and foremost thing, parents should try to spend more time with their kids. They should get engaged in extracurricular activities such as drawing, dance, music, sports, etc so that interest may develop in activities. Thus children will slowly detach from electronic gadgets. Sometimes, they should take a friend's house. Thus, children will meet the same age group children and play with them. Parents should motivate their children to study through different methods such as by telling stories of great men. Sometimes, parents should work according to the child's interests.

  • The problem is emerged due to covid as at that time children are not allowed to go outside and hence they are addicted to various gadgets due to various reasons. Not only for studying, but also used gadgets for playing games, chatting with friends on social media, or for various other reasons. Now the time is to restrict their usage. This could be done by following the given ways:

    1)Normally, children copy elder ones. During covid elders too got addicted to gadgets. In front of them, we should try to indulge in some other activities. Use gadgets only when it is needed. Otherwise, try to do some other activity.

    2)Engage them in some physical activities, so that they can enjoy themselves and also become mentally fit. Due to excessive usage of mobiles, they are stressed and could not sleep. But if they are engaged in these physical activities they can sleep well and concentrate on their studies well.

    3)Make a record of their mobile usage and track when they use the mobile phone most. Plan some amazing activities so they are ready to leave mobile and engage in the activities with you.

    4)Allow usage of mobile phones on a need basis. Give them usage by asking for the reason first. But keep in mind, never let the children feel overburdened or that you are too much suspicious about them. You can also talk with school teachers and suggest to them to advise children to refer to books rather than browsing on mobile, for example using a dictionary rather than using Google.

    5)Spend time with your children especially if they are in their teenage as at this age questioning level increases and children try to engage on mobile or surf more. Try to solve their queries yourself rather than using a browser in front of them for solving queries. If you don`t know the answer ask them to tell you later. But never try to check in front of them.

  • It may not be very easy to wean away children from the gadgets and playthings they are use to and habituated and in which they find pleasure.
    The first and foremost is to set an example. That is, the parents should themselves keep away from the gadgets mostly or at least on prime times of meals time, family time and kids' study time.
    Parents should spend more personal time with their children. They should (at least one of them if both are working) give first priority to talk with the children immediately after returning from work and fleshing up. They should ask how the day went in school, about friends, their play and play time, about any homework or any communication given to convey to parents, about exam schedule, etc etc. They should also ask if the food given to them was sufficient and tasty. whether they are okay physically, (like how is the headache, leg ache now etc.). They should enquire about what interesting thing happened that day etc.

    Once that is over the children may be given some time to play outside, if it has no become dark, or inside the society ground with friends or siblings. Parents also should spend sometime to play with them as per the children's age and interest if possible. Parents should sit with the children, at least to some extent when they are studying and help them in clarifying their doubts and narrating some personal experience examples to enhance understanding of the concepts. Parents should take their children to visit relatives, friends, and also visit tourist places on holidays and vacations. Children should be taken with them in social events.

    Parents should not put a sudden brake or halt to the use of gadgets, but slowly earning them away and allowing the use for essential and positive uses. They should be encouraged to participate in team events outside

    Once the children know the optimum balance with outside world and in house gadget use they will be okay.

  • This could obviously be the scenario with the major households but so far, the children are kept inside a boundary wall the distraction to some useful activities would not be possible. I would suggest making arrangements for outdoor activities as much as possible. For this lets the child be mingled with the locals of the same age groups for different plays like the cycling or football etc. Let's the parents spent their time with them when they are returned home. Other options can also be used like,
    1. Use the lock option in the gadgets.
    2. Block the TV channels which you do not want your children to watch instead persuade them to watch Discovery channel or Animal planets instead of Cartoon network.

    Recently I witnessed some real-life instance like Facebook posts that was not matched with the regular posts of the person. I immediately called the concerned for information and I came to know that for some time the mobile was given to his or her child. Although the posts were removed immediately but yes, we could have imagined some inappropriate handling. Likewise, and quite often while traveling I have witnessed the parents giving mobile devices to the child for games or for watching YouTube.

    The thing is that we begin with the playful mood and not thinking otherwise but knowingly or unknowingly the shifting found out to be not so soothing specially with the changing habits of kindergarten.

    The option is to set a criteria and taking care of it.

  • Addiction of mobile is a severe addiction. Not only children but also adults are equally affected by it.
    In earlier times also addictions were there but they were of different types. Some children cried a lot if they were not allowed to view the TV for long hours. Some children were continuously fighting with their parents for not allowing them to go out and play with other children for long hours. So, addictions were there in past also and parents had to use innovative methods to deal with them depending on the individual cases.
    As such there is no sure short cut method of eradicating the addictions but when it comes to the children then one thing is there which can be done to make the things straight and under control. That thing is to create an atmosphere of discipline and obedience in the house.
    It is obvious that parents have to first control themselves and create and set an example in front of their children so that children will mimick the same thing. A family culture has to be generated by serious efforts and everyone should be granted fixed hours of entertainment and enjoyment and no extra time for unnecessary indulgences and engagements is to be provided.
    Parents should take full care of the children but it doesn't mean that children should be allowed to waste the time in any addiction including the mobile mania.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Childrens do what they see others doing around them no matter who they are parents, siblings, friends, guardians. But most of the time they follow the footsteps of their parents if they are busy in these gadgets while telling their kids to do homework such behavior breaks the connection between parent- children and they lose their interest. At least as a parent we should some extra effort I am not suggesting to do things you don't like to raise your kids interest. But you can do small things like while they are doing their homework you can read any book or you can solve some puzzles so if they take breaks they can join you on such things that can be fruitful. You can watering the plants, feed the birds, go for a walk. Such things will help them to divert from gadgets through which further they can focus on their studies.

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