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  • Can I continue my B Tech after three years of gap

    Are you planning to continue your studies after a gap? Are you in doubt whether you have to start all over again? Check out this thread for the opinion of our experienced members.

    I completed my diploma in 2018 and on that basis joined the B Tech 2nd year in 2018-2019. During 2019-2020, when I was in my 3rd year I got a job in the govt sector. I discontinued my B Tech and took up the job. Now I would like to rejoin and continue with my B Tech by availing study leave. But before this I have a doubt whether I would be able to continue my course from where I left or will I have to start all over again. Can the gap in studies be regularized and if so, how? Please advice.
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  • 1. B.Tech course is a 3-year course for diploma candidates. But you can be given an additional time of 3 years to complete this course.
    2. Your admission was in the year 2018-19. So you have to complete the course on or before 2024-2025. So still you have two years' time. So you are eligible to complete the course.
    3. You have to contact the college in which you have studied your 3rd year and through them, you have to apply to the university for permission. You can't change the college and course.
    4. It all depends on the college you studied at and the university.
    5. You have to personally meet the principal of the college and explain to him the reasons for your discontinuation and you should forward your application to the university.

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  • Tenure of diploma course is of three year and the aspirants having passed out diploma courses are admitted in the second year of four year degree courses in Engineering.
    You need to consider the course by 2024 - 25 considering two year grace time which is allowed by AICTU for the completion of the course and to that extent, there is no violation of the existing regulations.
    Now the question arises due to the fact that you left the course in between due to your engagement in the government job and are interested to complete the same through the study leave which you would avail of the existing rule of the management.
    In this context, you need to meet your Principal of your college apprising of your clear position regarding the breach of the course and your interest for the completion of the course. Better you write an application to him indicating the clear picture of your absence and your interest to resume the courses. He would take his final decision after he gets a clear nod from the vice chancellor.
    In all probability, you would be allowed to go ahead with your B.Tech course but you will have to start from the duration you left the same instead of starting the same afresh.

  • Taking the advantage of additional 3 years given to the diploma candidates for clearing the engineering exam, you can apply for admission to continue and complete the engineering course. You will have to explain the reasons for this gap and the delay and you can mantion that due to the family financial conditions you had to resort to joining a job for livelihood or any other valid reason which you feel will explain the gap. You can personally meet the principal also and explain him your situation.
    In the long run the qualification is very important thing for making a career for a professional and from that perspective it is better to complete your engineering course as early as possible.

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  • As mentioned above, you have done diploma and joined B tech 2nd year in 2018- 2019. As per the rule, the course is for three years for diploma-holder candidates. You can complete your course till 2024- 2025. That means two year grace period would be given to you. But, you will have to write an application to the college principal giving the reason for the long gap in the course and tell him to grant permission to continue the course. He may forward this application to the high authority of college management. After considering your all points they may allow continuing the course from where you had left off. You should try to continue your course from the third year.

  • On a general note, the gaps are considered by the institutions if a genuine reason being provided and approved by the head of the institution. In your case, I hope joining the Government sector job is a valid reason and you can inform the same to them by a letter and inform them you wish to join third year (from where you left it) with all the supporting documents like the Job order, your previous year's marksheets and any other additional documents if required. Also, try to get high marks since the gap will be considered outside if you are trying for any other jobs in private sector. All the very best and hope you can start your studies from where you opt out.

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