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  • Post Graduate Courses after BHMS

    Can someone with a BHMS degree in homeopathy apply to any postgraduate program outside the field of homeopathy? What are the courses? Where to study?
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  • After BHMS, a student can go for MD Homeopathy. It is a three-year postgraduate course. There are many Indian institutions offering this course. After finishing this course may have many jobs as a Homoeopathy Doctor, Pharmacist, Lecturer, and Researcher. The following are the specialisations in this course.
    1. MD (Homeopathy) in Allopathy
    2. MD (Homeopathy) in Pharmacy
    3. MD (Homeopathy) Psychiatry
    4. MD (Homeopathy) Paediatrics
    5. MD (Homeopathy) in Endocrinology
    6. MD (Homeopathy) Practice of Medicine
    7. MD ( Homeopathy) Material Medical
    In addition to the above, there are some M.Sc courses also. The following are the courses.
    M.Sc in Genetics
    M.Sc in Clinical Research
    M.Sc in Applied Psychology
    M.Sc Food Science and Nutrition
    M.Sc in Epidemiology
    M.Sc in Human Genome
    M.Sc in Medical Biochemistry
    M.Sc in Health Sciences and Yoga Therapy

    Some may go for MBA with a suitable specialisation. There are some PG diploma courses also. The candidates can select based on their interests.
    The following are some of the institutes offering MD courses,
    1. Anand Homoeopathic Medical College and Research Institute.
    Sardar Baug, Bhalej Road, Anand, Gujarat
    Phone: (02692) 252234. Their website is
    2. Ananya College of Homoeopathy,
    KIRC Campus, Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
    Phone: (02764) 222605. Their website is
    3. Bharati Vidyapeeth
    Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Pune, Maharashtra
    Phone:(020) 24407100
    Their website is

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  • A BHMS qualified doctor has not got a license to practice Allopathy. He is also not authorised to do any surgery. If he wants to enhance his qualification than he can do MD or MSc in advanced homeopathy or any related area like Psychiatry, Yoga, Philosophy of medicine but none of that entitles him for allopathic practice.
    If a BHMS doctor wants to practice allopathy than he will have to go for a bridge course.
    A bridge course is a 1 year course in modern pharmacology and only after passing that a BHMS doctor can start Allopathic consultation in a legal way.
    Some states are offering this course to the BHMS doctors so that they can also practice Allopathy after clearing the exam. These bridge courses are generally offered in the government medical colleges in the respective state.
    This bridge course is not only intended for the homeopathic doctors but it is also available for the ayurvedic (BAMS) and Unani (BUMS) doctors.

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  • Once the aspirants complete BHMS course, options are unlimited but they need to choose the next postgraduates courses wisely so as to retain more popularity in his own fields.
    Homeopathy is such a branch which can provide cure for such diseases almost impossible for the complete cure in other systems such as Allopathy, Ayurvedic or Unani. Most of the skin diseases, paralysis, rheumatism, gradual diminishing of eye - sight have wonderful treatment in this system and the frustrated patients ultimately make their last attempt for their treatments in this system after trying other treatments from the other system.
    Some of the post graduation courses which could benefit aspirants having qualified BHMS are as follows-
    1) MD in Material Medical - Here they could details of the material quality of the herbs being extracted and ultimately dissolved in ethyl alcohol to get the mother tinctures of the different herbs. These herbs provide excellent soothing effects on the patients provided chosen judiciously by the competent homeopathic doctors. Again there are dilutions so as to offer powers such as 6c, 30c, 200c, 1000c, 10000c, CM etc of the different chemicals such as Arsenic, Bismuth, Cadmium, Mercury, Nuxvomica, Lycopodium etc which can act instantaneously on the patient's body after careful selection of medicines. It would be difficult to select the proper medicine unless detailed investigations are by the homeopaths and for this sound grasp of the medicines is essential. This can be achieved through the sincere study of Material Medical.
    2) M.Sc in Clinical Research- This would provide the aspirants enough exposure of the researches carried out earlier of the different prominent medications where they have proved their success rate in the different diseases and ongoing research can help the doctors in prescribing researched medicines confidently.
    The other postgraduate courses could be equally helpful for the doctors as listed below -
    3) MD in Psychiatry.
    4) M.Sc in Medical Biochemistry.
    5) M.Sc in Food and Nutrition
    6) MD in Organon of Medicine & Philosophy.
    7) PGDM in Diabetes Mellifluous
    8) MBA in Public Health
    9) MBA in Health Care Management.

  • After the BHMS course, you can go for post graduation course. But it should be related to your field so that you could find benefit in getting a job. Some of the post-graduation courses which would be helpful for your field are as follows:-
    MSc in Clinical Research
    MD in (Hom) Organon of Medicine and Philosophy
    MSc in Human Genome
    MD in (Hom) Practice of Medicine
    MSc in Medical Biochemistry
    MD in (Hom) Psychiatry
    MSc in Health Sciences and Yoga Therapy
    MSc in Medical Anatomy
    MSc in Neuroscience
    MHA in(Master of Hospital Administration)
    MSc in Genetics
    MBA in Healthcare Management
    Here is the list of institutes from where you can join the course:-.
    1. Bharati Vidyapeeth
    Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg,
    Pune, Maharashtra
    Phone:(020) 24407100
    2. Anand Homoeopathic Medical College
    &Research Institute.
    Sardar Baug, Bhalej Road, Anand, Gujarat
    Phone: (02692) 252234.
    website -

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