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  • Name for newly built house

    Searching for names for a new house? Look for suggestions on suitable names in this thread.

    We have built a new house and is now confused with the name we should be giving to our house. We want to include the names of my late mother, Jayashree and my father Prahlad in the name. Would it be fine? If so, could you please suggest some suitable names that would sound good and be technically correct also?
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  • Naming a house is entirely a personal matter and people think of different names for their houses. In this regard some people like long names for their houses while some make them short and crisp.
    As you intend to pay respect to your parents then some of the possible names could be like -
    1. Jai-Prahlad Villa.
    2. JP House.
    3. Prahjan Niwas.
    4. Jap Nest.
    5. Jai Prem Kuteer.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It is good that you are considering your mother and father's names to be included in your home naming concept. I have a few suggestions:
    1. JSP Home
    2. J.P Home
    3. JaySriPrah Villa

    Jagannathan S
    ISC Member

  • Your intentions are very good and your attitude shows the respect you have towards your parents.
    Your father's name is Prahlad and your mother's name is Jayashree. So I feel you can name the house " Prahlada jayam'. The name will give an understanding that the house is the success of your parents.

    If you don't like that. you can think of the following.
    2. The gift of parents
    3. Jayashree Prahlada nilayam
    4. JP Bhavan
    5. PJ residence.

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  • I must appreciate your stand that you want your newly constructed house naming after your parents so that their names would always immortals not for you couples but even your coming generations would admire your step for inclusion of your parental name. Following the same concept, the name should be Jayashree and Prahlad Villa.
    Other matching names could be as follows-
    2) The Gift of Parents.
    3) PJ Bhavan.
    4) JP Cottage.
    5) Parental Gift.

  • It is very nice thinking that you want to keep your house name on the name of your parents. It indicates that you have respect and dedication for your parents. And every child should have the same thinking for their parents. As per my suggestion, JP sadan would be good name for house. Besides, it can suggest some other name which are as follows:-
    1. JP bhavan
    2. JP villa
    3. The Gift of Parents
    4. JP residence

  • Good to hear such thought in today's world. I would like to suggest the name in this way like Jayashree means "Queen of victory" and Prahlad means "Joy, Happiness" you can name it by :-
    1. Home of Victory and Joy
    2. VJ villa
    3. Queen of Joy

  • It is great to note that you opt to add your parents name. This will be strong in the minds of your children for ever. My suggestion is 'Jayaprahalad Villa'

  • Good news that you have built a house and your intention is good and clear to keep your parent's name for that. Building a house is a big thing these days for some. After that, they would like to keep their own name or a general western name. You are one of them who is quite different on this. Great!

    JP Mahal
    JayPrah Mahal
    PrahJay House
    JP House
    JayPrah Home
    PrahJay Home
    JayPrah Garden.

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