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  • Worried about document verification for a Govt. job

    Worried about issues with the migration certificate and other problems affecting the document verification process for a government job? Get quick expert guidance on how to deal with this problem.

    I've recently completed my graduation from Agra based UGC-recognized university
    I have completed the following as per university norms:-
    1) Paid fees for all years
    2) Gave exams of all years
    3) Gave practicals of all years
    4) Completed required internship
    5) All results came online on their website

    Now I'm worried about the following reasons-
    - I applied for a migration certificate on the college website, but due to some error they issued me migration of 1st year (even all year's result are on the university website) now I am contacting the university to resolve the matter but, it could take some time and right now I am appearing in UPSC government examination, So can this migration error create any problem in my document verification (If not resolved by the university by then)?
    - My attendance was very low throughout my years in college, I only went for a few days but gave all practicals and exams as I was preparing for the government examination but the college never bothered me and gave me the admit card and allowed me to sit in all exams.

    Please let me know how and what documents are verified in the document verification process for a Govt. job and can any of the above issues create any problem in my verification process.
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  • You are worried about the migration certificate of the entire degree of graduation consisting of three years but so far you have received the migration certificate of the first year. To resolve your doubt, I am providing you some suggestions and these points as indicated below may kindly be seen -
    1) As far as Migration Certificate is concerned, it is the essential certification if you are interested for higher studies other than your present university and hence the verification authority of your centre verifying your documents for your induction in UPSC should not create any problem in this regard.
    2) To be dead sure of the present trend maintained by UPSC , you might go through the website of UPSC.
    3) As far as your low attendance is concerned while studying your graduation, you should not be so much scary since no where your attendance is reflected in your mark- sheets or certificates. It is the internal affair of the college management.
    4) if at all, the attendance was the main issue, the college authorities would not have allowed your year promotions.
    Hope, you would appreciate this points and get rid of your current doubts.

  • Migration certificate as the name indicates is a certificate needed to be produced to another university when you change the current university for higher/further studies.
    It is generally not asked separately for job application if the other relevant documents lo prove your eligibility are produced. However you may make sure about this for update requirements from UPSC announcement / websites.

    It is for you to get the corrected migration Certificate from the concerned university. Even getting MC normally will involve some time and correctio also may take more time as it may need verification of the data and facts. It is better you visit the college and university in person with all relevant documents to get the proper Migration Certificate.

  • You have applied in UPSC and you will have to produce all your degree and marksheet from high school to graduation and other documents like proof of address etc to them for document verification.
    Migration certificate has no role here as that is needed when you are moving from one educational institute to other. When you plan for higher studies then it would be required and you have already applied for the correct copy of same.
    You were given an admit card by the institute for appearing in exam so there is no issue of attendence that you have mentioned in your query. Moreover in today's online study environment the concept of total attendence (physical plus online) is also going to be defined in a different way. So, in your case as far as the UPSC document verification is considered there is no issue.

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  • To appear in the Indian Civil Service Examination conducted by the UPSC, a person has to be a Graduate. If you have received Graduation certificate (provisional/final) from your University, you can appear in any Examination on the basis of this Graduation certificate.

    Furthermore, as I have studied in four-five different universities, I do know about Migration Certificates a little bit. Migration Certificate is issued only once permitting you to take admission in another University. I am in doubt whether it is issued for every year nowadays.

    Please check this issue with your University.

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  • Generally, a migration certificate is needed when you change universities. It is issued only when you are going from one university to another university. As per your query, you have applied for the UPSC examination where graduation is a compulsory requirement for appearing in this exam. A migration certificate has no role. So, you need not be bothered about it. For govt jobs, a migration certificate is not demanded. So, you should relax in case of a migration certificate.

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