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  • Is there any Sanskrit dictionary website to learn the language?

    Keen to learn Sanskrit online? Find out if there is a portal that provides a dictionary to learn the meanings of Sanskrit words and other aspects of Sanskrit language.

    I want to know if there is any website that has a Sanskrit Dictionary to learn Sanskrit language and the meanings of Sanskrit words. I searched a lot but did not get any good sites to learn the Sanskrit language. It is not available on the Google translator website also.
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  • Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas. Vedas are the oldest Hindu epics. Many countries now believe that Sanskrit is one of the best scientific languages. These days many foreign countries are also encouraging children to study Sanskrit.

    I have seen some websites that are useful for learning Sanskrit from the beginning. The following are the websites that you can try.
    1. is one of the best websites for learning Sanskrit. There are many easy Sanskrit courses here on this website.
    2. is another website useful for Sanskrit learning. You can start learning on this site.
    3. is also useful for learning the Sanskrit language as well as slokas. You can attend the free session online and then take a decision about joining the website.
    4. is good for beginners.

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  • Yes. I am following the following site

  • It is interesting that you are keen to learn Sanskrit, language of Vedas, one of the oldest, classical literatures. It has been one of the official languages in India though not widely spoken but used in religious occasions/chanting in temples.

    Below are a few online dictionaries for your references.

    There have been free as well as paid classes/lessons in the online platform.

    I have listed here some free online platforms that teach Sanskrit for beginners.
    1. offering free as well as paid beginner-friendly lessons in a simplified manner through Skype.
    2. This online platform is designed by Walter Harding Maurer with guidance from the textbook, "The Sanskrit Language" written by him. The book can be bought from Amazon for desiring consistent learners.
    3. Offered by Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation, the course contains free standard plan for beginners and paid enterprise plan for multiple participants.
    4. This is available as a mobile app as well and with this tool you can study the language by yourself.
    5. teaches basic lessons in Sanskrit through self-study with the guidance of online dictionary.
    6. is an online portal that enables the learners to interact with others and with free as well as paid set of curriculums organizing events and forum sessions locally too.
    7. It is an NGO that conducts online classes through Zoom app for learning Vedanta and Sanskrit.

    Other than the above-mentioned e-platforms, Chinmaya International Foundation offers two types of Sanskrit courses, one for beginners and the advanced course for others but under paid programs.

    Learning Sanskrit with abundant resources available online would be rewarding as such and I wish you all the best to get go.

  • There are many sites on the internet where a lot of information about the Sanskrit language is available and one can learn it systematically from there.
    Some sites are very good for beginners while there are some sites where people having some background in the Sanskrit language can join and enhance their knowledge.
    As regards the Sanskrit dictionary the site is a good resource but for using it one has to make a one-time donation. They generally expect donations starting from Rs 400 but lesser amounts are also accepted.
    Let us go through some of the sites which are useful in learning Sanskrit.
    This is a site that is free and takes the student directly to understand Sanskrit without going into many basic details. This may be useful for those who want to learn this language through shortcuts.
    This is a very good site for those who want to systematically learn Sanskrit. It offers basic and advanced lessons. Interested candidates can get more information about the courses by contacting them at Phone: +91-92077-11140 | +91-484-2749676 and email:
    It offers paid courses in Sanskrit learning. The basic course fee starts from Rs 499. There are a variety of courses offered by this site. The students who have done courses from this site have given very good comments and observations about the courses.
    This site conducts paid online courses in Sanskrit learning. The candidate can go through a free trial lesson and then decide for enrolling in the desired course.
    This is a free site and it gives downloadable handouts to the students. The course material is of very good quality and one can explore more about it by visiting this site.
    This is a good site for beginners and one has to enroll and pay for the required course.

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  • If you are interested to learn the Sanskrit language then there are a lot of websites available on the internet which will help you in learning the Sanskrit language in which some sites require a fee to learn whereas some are free. Here are a list of some website for learning a language which is as follows:-
    Besides, you can see YouTube videos for learning the language. It will also help in learning the language.

  • Sanskrit being one of the oldest languages of the world. It may be regarded as the ocean containing pearls of wisdom since the readers would find a lot of knowledge of the ancient society, various philosophical concepts apart from getting opportunities to learn vedas.
    The advantages of research of the Sanskrit Website would eliminate the readers to visit India to have a grasp of this language.
    The following are the popular websites where readers can learn this old language with ease through their online platforms-
    1) Chinmaya Mission- This is the most popular website containing two types of course- Easy Sanskrit and other one being the advanced option of Sanskrit learning. This website use both audio and visual illustrations. It could be slightly expensive as compared to the other websites because of their enriched contents where the scholars have taken enough pain to make the course structure simple with their teaching process.
    2) Open Pathsala - This could be the ideal platform to learn the Sanskrit Language. The course structure has been split into three components such as basic, intermediate and advanced costing only Rs 499 currently for the entire course.
    3)Vidya Subramanian - This site could be the best for the beginners providing free online classes initially allowing them to enjoy the course free on trial basis. If the readers are satisfied, then can go ahead for the paid option.
    Classes are held through the Skype where the session progresses with the teachings of scholars.
    4) Arsha Kulam - This site could be beneficial for the beginners where the course structure has been split into two parts. The first part covers alphabets and vocabulary where as the second part is essentially meant for Grammar and Sentence Framing.

  • Sanskrit is an ancient and classical language of India in which ever first book of the world Rigveda was compiled.
    Yes, There are many online portals that provide dictionaries to help you learn the meanings of Sanskrit words and other aspects of the Sanskrit language. Some popular websites include:


    These websites offer various features such as grammar resources, dictionary lookup, and text resources to help you learn the language.

  • Sanskrit is an old language that comes from India. It is considered one of the oldest and richest languages in the world. People used Sanskrit for religious and scholarly writing for many years. Even though it is not commonly spoken anymore, it still has a strong tradition of literature and poetry. People continue to study and use Sanskrit for religious and scholarly reasons. Sanskrit is valued as a cultural and linguistic treasure in India and the world. Nowadays, Sanskrit is studied by people interested in linguistics, scholarship, and spirituality. The impact of Sanskrit can be seen in various parts of Indian culture and spirituality.

    Here are some of the popular websites


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