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  • Do I need NOC for applying for a Govt. job when not in service earlier?

    Aspiring for a KPSC job but not having a no objection certificate from an earlier job as it was not a govt. job? Check through this Ask Expert page whether or not the NOC is important.

    I was not in a government job while applying for a KPSC post, but currently, I am in another Govt service and want to move to a KPSC job. Do I need to carry a NOC certificate as it mentions that those who are in jobs in another Govt dept need to carry the NOC certificate?
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  • While applying for the job in KPSC, you were not engaged in a service including the government job. Hence a little bit ambiguity has developed in your mind regarding the issue of NOC.
    In this connection, the following points as listed below may kindly be seen for your future steps in relation to your movement of KPSC job-
    1) Since you are a government employee and are aware of model standing orders applicable to all employees on roles and these rules are religiously be followed.
    2) The model standing order states that there should not be suppression of facts from the side of the concerned employees and hence in your case NOC would be applicable even though you were not in any job prior to applying for a job of KPSC.
    3) You should take such an initiative so that no future complications arise in your service career.
    Hope that the entire situation prior to moving KPSC is clear to you.

  • 1. When you applied for a government job, you are not in another government job. So you have applied directly. There is nothing wrong with this.
    2. Now if you are attending an interview for that post after joining a government job, you have to keep the rules and regulations that are applicable to the present job. So you have to decide the course of action based on the terms and conditions of the present job.
    3. It is always your responsibility to see the correct information to your present employer. You should reveal to him that you have applied for this post before you are their employee and now you are planning for attending the interview. You should give this information in writing to them and officially take leave and attend the interview. That will make sure that you have informed them. You should also tell them if you are selected for this post. you will meet all the terms and conditions mentioned in your appointment letter before getting relieved from the post.
    4. You should also inform KPSC that you have joined another government job after applying for this job. So if they have any objection they will mention it clearly to you.
    5. Please remember that suppression of facts is very serious and you may liable to lose the job also if it is proven. So be open with both parties and act as per the law.

    always confident

  • At the time of applying for the KPSC job, you were not in a Government job so you did not apply through the proper channel and that is the simple and logical fact in this case. So right now you do not require any NOC from your present department.
    What you have to do is resign here and join the new one. For resigning here you have to give a notice as per the terms of the job. Generally it is a period of 1 month if you are in probation and 3 months if you are in regular service.
    In case you have to join the new job immediately then you do not have 1 or 3 months in hand and so I am afraid that you might have to deposit those month's salary to get out of the present job.
    It is also obvious that the new department will not ask you anything that you have not mentioned in your application.
    Only one problem that still remains to be resolved in this case is regarding your funds which are there by way of deduction from your salary. As you have not disclosed your earlier job in the new job application how you will be able to link them.
    What I would advise is please share this situation in the new office. They would help you and link the new PF or fund account with old one.
    You have not hidden anything knowingly and it was all the circumstantial reasons that created this situation. So there is nothing to worry. Follow the procedure as told by the new department administrative wing and everything would settle down.

    Knowledge is power.

  • 1. At the time of applying for KPSC you were not in any government job. So it was not necessary then for you to get an NOC.

    2. Now: I presume that you would have been either selected for interview or even appointment in the relevant KPSC job. If so, you may need to be first relieved from the current job.

    3. The conduct rules and terms and conditions in the present job may specify some time frame for resignation and relief. This can sometimes come in clash with the deadlines of joining in the new KPSC job. At that time you may be facing practical problems, if you hide the fact of current govt job.

    4. So if you are selected to appear for interview for KPSC or if you are selected, or sure to be selected for the new KPSC job, then it is better for you to apply to your current employer for NOC stating that when you applied for the KPSC, you were not in this job.

    Declaring facts is always better as it can safeguard from any future problems arising . Truth is the best defence.

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