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  • Doubt regarding M.Tech. eligibility for IITs

    Unuse whether or not you are eligible to apply for an M.Tech. program at an IIT through GATE exam as per your academic profile? Get your doubts cleared from the responses given at this Ask Expert page.

    I have completed my B. Tech. in five years, because I did not go to college for one year after my fifth semester. Now finally I graduated with a CGPA of 7.2. I would like to know if I am eligible for M.Tech. courses in IITs through the GATE exam? I am aspiring to get admission to the electrical branches of IITs.
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  • You have not indicated where from you have passed your B.Tech? If it were from one of the IIT institutions, you would be preferred to some extent but it does not mean that the other aspirants not getting due recognition of their potentials with respect to admission criteria.
    Please note that in the umbrella of IIT, there are various institutions known as IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai, IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee etc having their own criteria of admission.
    As you have indicated that you are interested for the electrical engineering branch somewhere in IIT where you are fit for admission.
    You have mentioned that you have maintained 7.2 CGPA scale throughout your session and on the basis of your such a performance, IIT Roorkee would be the ideal place for you.
    IIT Roorkee offers direct admission to all such aspirants having their Valid GATE Scores apart from their passing with 6 CGPA scales. More or less, this trend has been observed in the last four years.
    For your better comprehension, I am giving you a list of the admission criteria of the different locations of IIT for your easy understanding in the branch of Electrical Engineering-
    1) IIT Delhi - The mode of selection in IIT is somewhat tough in the sense that this institution screens the candidates with their own written and oral tests. Apart from the valid GATE scores with the passing of graduation with 8.5 CGPA scales, the admission authority might examine your performance level of class ten board and class twelve twelve board.
    2) IIT Mumbai - For this institution, the aspirants should have a valid GATE scores apart from 60% marks on average of all the semesters.
    Admission Committee may conduct a written test followed by an interview of the panel of experts.
    3) IIT Kanpur- The aspirants must have the valid GATE scores with the passing of BE/ B.Tech with 55% marks on an average of all the semesters.
    4) IIT Chennai- The aspirants must have their valid GATE scores apart from 60% marks in their qualifying examination.
    For rest of IIT locations, the aspirants need to pass their BE/ B.Tech with a minimum 60% marks on an average for all the semesters. If required they might conduct interview sessions to screen the candidates.

  • You can apply for an M.Tech course after completing your GATE and you may get a seat based on your GATE score.
    The following are eligible to apply for M.Tech. IIT students can apply even though they are not having GATE qualifications. The other candidates who can apply are
    1. QIP candidates who are in government service and want to improve their qualifications.
    2. Candidates sponsored by various Research and Development organisations that are having DST recognition as R & D units.
    3. NIOT-sponsored candidates or candidates who are sponsored by educational institutions that are having AICTE / UGC recognition.
    4. Candidates sponsored by PSUs.
    5, Defense-sponsored candidates.
    The eligibility criteria for a normal candidate to apply for M. Tech are
    1, GATE score is a must.
    2. B.Tech in the concerned branch from a UGC/AICTE-recognised educational institution is a must
    3. Candidates having M.Sc in Chemistry /Physics /Mathematics or life sciences can also apply for M. Tech in IITs.

    always confident

  • M tech is a two-year post-graduate degree program. This degree is awarded to candidates after completion of two years of study in the discipline of engineering. This degree is awarded in a different branch of engineering. The MTech degree is offered across various specializations. These specializations include Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Communication Engineering,g, etc.
    Generally, candidates who have completed their B.E/B. Tech degrees with a valid score in GATE are eligible for M. Tech admission. But, there are different rules based on different locations of the institutes which are as follows:-
    1)IIT Delhi - Candidate should have valid GATE scores with a passing graduation with an 8.5 CGPA scale and an oral test will also be conducted for admission.
    2)IIT Mumbai- Candidate should have a minimum of 60? in with a valid GATE score.
    3) IIT Kanpur- Candidate should have valid GATE scores with the passing of BE/ B.Tech with 55% marks on an average of all the semesters.
    4) IIT Chennai- Candidates should have valid GATE scores with a minimum of 60% marks in their qualifying examination.

  • Being one of the pioneer institutions across the world in engineering and technology, higher studies in the Indian Institute of Technology would be a dream for the youth in India. Graduation/PG from IIT is not a cakewalk, tough and competitive, but has been worthy and prestigious with good efforts of practice along with confidence and understanding the concept.

    Governed by the Ministry of Education of the Indian Government, there have been 23 IITs all over India at present. Each being autonomous but have been administered by a common council known as IIT Council.

    You have not mentioned about your core branch in your bachelor's degree. As per your aspiration for electrical engineering in IIT, I henceforth assume you have had chosen EE in your UG program.

    Electrical engineering primarily include curriculum regarding electricity generation, transmission, distribution, circuit designing, and various equipment/systems installation. Recently advanced technologies such as smart grid systems, remote control, wireless devices, micro/nanotechnology and so on have emerged into this field. Based on this, various specializations in EE have also been included like power engineering, electromagnetic, control systems, network systems, signal processing, high voltage engineering, microelectronics, VLSI, etc. You can choose your specialization according to your interest in this core technology.

    Regarding the admission process to the M. Tech program in IIT, valid GATE score is essential and eligibility criteria vary between the IITs and you can visit the related websites.

    IIT in Madras for Control System specialization, Bombay and Kanpur for Power System, Kharagpur for High Voltage Engineering, Bangalore for Microelectronics and VLSI, and Roorkee one of the oldest institutions have been top listed for PG in electrical engineering.

    Nothing comes your way to get into this institution of prominence if you go with good academics and confidence beating all odds like break in studies.

    I wish you good luck.

  • To be eligible for M.Tech. program at IITs, a candidate typically must have completed a relevant bachelor's degree in Engineering/Technology/Architecture or a master's degree in Sciences with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent CGPA from a recognized university. Some IITs may also consider the candidate's valid GATE score. In addition to this, some programs may have specific eligibility criteria such as relevant work experience or a qualifying exam.

    It is advisable to check the admission guidelines of the specific IIT you are interested in for detailed information on their eligibility criteria for the V. program you are interested in.

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