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  • Eligibility for admission for B.Sc. Psychology abroad after completing B.Com. in India

    Eager to pursue a postgraduate program in psychology abroad after completing an undergraduate degree in the commerce stream in India? Find out if it is possible to take up this academic path through the guidance provided below.

    I am about to complete my B.Com. UG degree course in 4 months. However, I am thinking about changing the stream from B.Com. to Psychology. If I wanted to do a B.Sc. Psychology abroad as an undergraduate in B.Com., will I get admission to a foreign university? Is it possible to pursue psychology abroad after completing the commerce course here?
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  • Your B.Com degree is of no use for your B.Sc Psychology abroad.
    But you can do your B.Sc/B.A Psychology abroad based on the subjects you have studied in your +2 or intermediate.
    If your Major subjects are from the Humanities or Arts, you can do the BA in psychology.
    If your Major subjects are Science, you can do the BSc in Psychology. Chemistry, Biology and mathematics should be your major subjects for B.Sc.
    Your undergraduate programme will give you a strong base in the basics of Psychology.
    The following are some of the institutions offering you this course;
    1. Harvard University, Cambridge, United States
    2. University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
    3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, United States
    4. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    5. Yale University, New Haven, United States
    There are many institutions in Germany and Australia also.

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  • As mentioned above, you are doing But, there is no connection between currently pursuing and the further B.Sc psychology you are planning to do from abroad. For doing B.Sc in psychology you should have completed 10+ 2 or intermediate from a science background and as a major subject should be physics, chemistry, and mathematics. And for doing BA, you should have completed an intermediate in arts or humanities. So, there would not be a problem in taking admission to B.Sc psychology as an undergraduate program. You should fulfill the eligibility criteria for getting admission into B.Sc psychology as an undergraduate program.

  • Changing a stream at this stage is always a challenging task because if you did not have psychology during your class 11 and 12 then the basic building blocks of psychology will be missing in your learning. This will affect your graduation in psychology either from India or abroad. It is obvious that if you are inclined to do that then you will have to put some extra effort to learn the fundamentals of psychology subject and then start your UG course. How you will be going to do that is entirely at your disposal but that will be required if you want to get good scores in your course in psychology abroad. There are many universities abroad that are offering admission to Indian students either online or in the physical mode in various subjects and you will not have a problem in this regard. Only thing is that you have to go through the information available on the various university websites and then find out their fee structure and other conditions and then sort out which one should be best for you.
    I have also found some universities and you can also go through them in detail and then decide your destination for this psychology course.
    Please note that you will also go through English speaking proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS and secure a good score (generally 6.5 or above) in that.
    1. University of Queensland, Australia: It offers 3 years UG course in Psychology in campus mode. Fee approx. Rs 21 lakh per year.
    2. University of Toronto, Canada: It offers 4 years UG campus course in Psychology. Fee approx. Rs 41 lakh per year.
    3. Texas A & M University, USA: It offers 4 years UG campus course in Psychology. Fee approx. Rs 30 lakh per year.
    5. University of Alberta, Canada: It offers 4 years UG campus course in Psychology. Fee approx. Rs 23 lakh per year.
    6. University of Melbourne, Australia: It offers 3 years UG campus course in Psychology. Fee approx. Rs 38 lakh per year.
    7. University of Oxford, UK: It offers 3 years UG campus course in Psychology. Fee approx. Rs 44 lakh per year.
    8. McGill University, Canada: It offers 4 years UG campus course in Psychology. Fee approx. Rs 28 lakh per year.
    9. York University, Toronto, Canada: It offers 4 years UG campus course in Psychology. Fee approx. Rs 20 lakh per year.
    10. National University of Singapore, Singapore: It offers 4 years UG campus course in Psychology. Fee approx. Rs 14 lakh per year.

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  • Psychology falls under the stream of humanities or simply you can say it is attached to the Arts Stream and before you take up your admission in UG Level irrespective of the university- foreign or otherwise, you must have gone through this subject at least in class eleven and twelve so has to have grips in the fundamentals of this subject.
    There would not be deviation of this pattern and hence your thinking of changing of your stream - B.Com just to get admission in B.Sc in Psychology seems to be impossible.
    If you are still in India and are really interested to have your basic knowledge in Psychology, you may contact the authorities of IGNOU so as to get your readmission in the Arts Stream for your two years distance courses of class twelve with the suitable option papers including Psychology. This could be your home study plan for completion of the course in the convenient timing. This course would support you in your real mission to have your B.A in Psychology or B.Sc in Psychology in abroad.
    Apart from that you need to clear TOEFL or IELTS reflecting your skills for English Proficiency and should have secured minimum 6.5 scores, so that your application could be entertained for admission.
    The following are the best foreign universities where you can make your queries for your admission-
    1)University of Oxfords, UK, Duration of course- three years, Fee Structure- Rs 44 lakhs per year.
    2) University of Melbourne, Australia, Duration of the course- three years, Fee Structure- Rs 38 lakh per year.
    3) University of Queensland, Australia, Duration of course- three year, Fee Structure- Rs 21 lakhs per year.
    4) Texas A and M University, USA, Duration of course- four year, Fee - Structure- Rs 30 Lakh per year.
    5) York University, Toronto, Canada, Duration of course- four year, Fee- Rs 20 Lakh per year.

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