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  • How to make a career in Big Data?

    Keen to enter the field of Big Data of the IT industry? Get expert advice on charting a career path in Big Data for beginners.

    Big Data is currently the most demanding IT career. However, I do not know how to start a career in it. Can anyone please suggest to me how to enter the big data industry?
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  • The 'Big data' field is buzzing with activities and people qualified in computer learning are making a beeline for it. Before we try to understand what are the career prospects in this area we must understand what it is all about.
    Big data is nothing but another term for Data mining and data processing. There has been a phenomenal advancement in data management and data analytics because of the large computing power and data storage facilities available. By gathering useful data and analysing it a company can take better business decisions. There is a demand for people having commensurate qualifications in this field.
    A person should have at least a degree in computer science or IT so that he can apply his learnings to data science work.
    Depending on the qualification and experience a person can try to get a job as a Data Architect or Data Engineer or Data Analyst or Database Administrator or Data Scientist or Database Manager.
    So there are ample opportunities but we must also remember that in our country we have a large number of qualified people who are aspiring and vying for big data jobs. It is obvious that an individual aspiring for making a career in this field has to acquire, if required, more related qualifications also.
    If one is having adequate qualifications and interests in the field and can work hard then one can make a good career in this line.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Big data is a term that represents very large and hard-to-manage data. In addition to that, what is the organisation is going to do with those volumes of data? In big data, the volume of the data, how much data you will be receiving regularly ( Velocity) and how many types of data you will be receiving (Variety) are very important. A big data scientist or engineer has to analyse data to give insights that will enable the concerned to take apt decisions and bring in confidence to take decisions that will enable the industry to grow fast.
    The first and foremost important qualification required for various jobs in this field is a degree in engineering or technology in Computer science or information technology. Some organisations may take other degree holders also if they have sufficient computer knowledge,
    In addition to the above the candidate should complete his internship in the related field. The following skills are very important for getting a job in that line.
    1. Programming Languages: The candidate should have some knowledge about the various languages that are useful for data analytics. This is required for coding.
    2. Machine learning: This is very much necessary for data scientists and engineers to handle big volumes of data.
    3. Data Mining: Data mining tools are very important for classifying the data received. So if the candidate is proficient in these tools, he may get preference over others. RapidMiner, Apache Mahout etc are some important data mining tools and proficiency in these tools is very much desired.
    4. Predictive analytics: Using the data to make predictions that are useful for the top people to look into, the data scientist should have some knowledge of Predictive analytics.
    5. Quantitative analysis: To do this analysis the candidate should have in-depth knowledge of mathematics, especially calculus and linear algebra and statistics.
    In addition to the above knowledge about the tools that are useful for data visualisation is also very important.
    So you should think of doing certification courses in some of the above areas so that chances of getting a job in this will become high. Try to go for internships in the above areas that will give you good knowledge.
    So you have to
    1. Complete your degree
    2. Do some certification courses or internships in some of the areas mentioned above
    then start applying for various jobs.
    Don't wait for a particular company or a particular role. Join any software company in any role related to the field and start working. You can gain experience so that you can shift to a big company for a bigger role.
    The various roles that are available in this area are
    1. Data Scientists
    2. Dat Engineers
    3. Computer Engineers
    4. Big Data Analysts
    5. Big Data Developers
    I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • Big data consists of huge data which at the first glance is the most impossible to process with the existing tools such as SQL, RDMS etc.
    Although it may appear easy but to tackle the huge sets of technologies associated with this domain require multiple tools such as Apache Hadoop, Rapid Miner, Cassandra etc to get the issues resolved in this technology.
    The following are the essential parameters to be followed to have a successful career in the Big Data -
    1) Educational Qualification-
    The aspirants should not be necessarily a Computer Engineer having scored BE, B. Tech or M.Tech but should have sound sound Mathematical Skills so as to understand the complexities of the tools employed in this technology. Acquiring relevant skills through the well structured IT courses and relevant certification examinations can help aspirants to understand the big data domains.
    2) Understand the tools of Data Scientist -
    The specialist should make the value of Data fetched from different sources and apply the same to perform their tasks. Hence updating of knowledge of the different tools would be essential to have their edges in this technology.
    3) Big Data Engineer- In this area, the aspirants would focus on developing, testing and implementation of the complex data projects. They would also develop, test and maintain Data Structure so as to have their successful career - paths in this domain.
    4) Business Analytics Specialist-
    These specialists would be involved in Research for understanding the current business needs and should go on developing specific scripts.
    5) Data Visualisation Developers -
    The aspirants should follow the representation of Data and offer explanations to their team in needs. For this, they must have the artistic abilities conceptualising designs for the development of graphics. They are expected to have sound knowledge for the implementation of such tools in their working areas.

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