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  • Changing the school from India to another country abroad

    Planning to shift your family overseas to your workplace in Uganda? Get the opinions of experts to know whether it would affect your children's studies and their eligibility for competitive exams later back in India.

    I have been working in Uganda (overseas) for the past 5 years but recently we transferred from the town to Kampala, the capital of the country. My family is in India, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, and my children are studying in CBSE schools in Chittoor. My elder daughter is in Class 9 and my younger daughter is in Class 5. Now the plan is to bring my family to Uganda and join a school in DPS (Delhi Public School) with CBSE. The eldest daughter would then be in 10th and the younger in 6th.

    My questions-
    1. Is it a good idea to change school for my elder daughter to this level, that is, studying up to now in India and going to Class 10 in another country with the same syllabus?
    2. If my daughters complete their studies in Uganda, are they eligible to write any competitive exams in India from 10th to intermediate?
    3. Are there any other disadvantages for my children if they study in another country?

    Kindly guide us and give your opinions.
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  • 1. It is Ok to change from this country to another country for education. That too you are admitting them in Indian syllabus school only. But, if I were you, I will not disturb the girl in the 10th class. Tenth class is very important for a student and after getting qualified in that examination, we can shift them to the other school. If it is possible, I suggest you keep your elder daughter in India only till she completes her 10th class. When there is a change, it will take more time for the student to get adjusted to the new environment. In this process, she may lose some time which will have a very high impact on her performance. But you are a better judge as you are aware of the mentality and thinking process of your kids. It is better for you and your wife to think about all the aspects and take the correct decision. As you have decided to admit her to the same CBSE syllabus at least there will not be any change in the syllabus. Only new teachers and a new atmosphere.
    2. After completing their studies in Uganda can attend and write competitive examinations based on their qualifications. They should meet all the requirements mentioned in the respective notification.
    3. There will not be any other disadvantages except as mentioned by me in my answer to question one. In fact, many students go for their higher studies in other countries. Some may come back and settle in India. But., some may settle down there in the country where they did their education.

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  • Hope you would have checked with your daughter of getting shifted to Uganda and continuing her 10th standard over there. If she is comfortable, then half the way, there is no issue. If she is not comfortable (due to various reasons), then wait for one year for her to complete her exam in India and then plan for her higher studies in Uganda. For some children, changing the school when they are entering to 10th standard will not be comfortable for them as they may be missing the environment and due to which the performance may degrade, and all the efforts put on till now will be in vain. Eventually it's your family decision for the shifting and to take care of their studies but think well before you decide.

    For any student whose nationality is Indian, can appear for the competitive exams and there the rules may change for exam to exam. Overall, it will not have major impact of a student studied aboard and giving the competitive exam in India.

    For the education perspective, there are no disadvantage subject to the education system and the institution. But, if the personal life of the student is under threat, then that should be taken care.

    All the above will be applicable to your younger daughter as well.

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  • There is no issue of changing from one country to another country for education purposes. But, the main thing on which you have to concentrate on elder daughter's education. The younger daughter has no problem because she is in junior class and she will be adjusted to the new environment but the elder daughter has a problem because the 10th class is important in the academic record. As per my suggestion, it is not good to disturb her. You should wait till completes her 10th class. After completion of the 10th class, it would be better to go to another country for intermediate education. If you shift your elder daughter to this class then it may take time to adjust to the new environment and as a result, her result may poor. Next your wish, and see your convenience.

  • As you said, your daughter is in her 9th grade, and she will be almost to 10th grade sooner hopefully. She is also in the mid of her teens. In my opinion, you need to prioritize her decision on whether she would be comfortable under the new circumstances or not. She is to be compatible with her new surroundings, and schoolmates even though academics won't change much. Moreover, she has just a year ahead to complete high school. I feel, at this juncture, studying in the same ambiance is a pretty good choice. Going abroad after completing 10th in India would be the best option to have a strong academic base. Now you are aware of the country and higher education in Uganda, and it is up to your choice.

    With regard to the issue of competitive exams in India, if she is well qualified, she can take up the exams. No hindrance as such for the students studying abroad. As long as she holds Indian citizenship, she is eligible to attend these exams.

    Studying abroad indeed opens up a wider perspective on one's carrier and life, gaining immense knowledge, confidence, more opportunities, and so on. Learning a new language would be the most rewarding roadmap to a different culture, and window to a new environment.

  • Shifting your elder daughter next year by which time she will be in class 10 can create some problems because class 10 is the phase for final board high school exam and if you shift her then there will be a lot of disturbance in her studies and her score in class 10 final exam might be affected. Apart from that children having tender minds take time in adjusting in the new place when they miss the old place and old friends.
    I would advise you to consider that and plan the shifting after 2 years.
    Coming to the practical side of the issue it will always be a good thing if all the family members remain in one place. Whatever you decide please try to be at one place and that would give strength to each and every family member.
    From your details it appears that you might have to stay in Uganda for a long time and if your financial condition is good you can always send your daughters abroad for higher education including option to return to India.
    Being Indian citizen they can apply for higher education or competitive examinations in India and that would be an open option for them.

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  • You have raised your doubts regarding the careers of your kids in case of shifting their studies from India to Uganda. I have put forth my solutions of your queries sequence wise and you might like to implement the same if you approve of my suggestions. These are as follows-
    1) In India, your elder daughter in class ten and is following CBSE pattern in the current time. In case, she is shifted to Uganda right now and is admitted in the CBSE pattern, she is not likely to face any difficulties academic wise because of matching of syllabus of education, though the countries are different. Only you need to have the migration certificate to secure her admission in the school of Uganda following CBSE pattern.
    In case, she is admitted with a school in Uganda of the different study structure, she would definitely encounter problems in grasping the new pattern and her results might not be up to satisfaction for both you and your daughter. Hence it is not advisable.
    2) After completion her studies from Uganda, your daughters are not likely to face any problems in writing their competitive examinations in India since there are provisions of entertaining such candidates. You have to go into the brochures of such competitive tests for the compliance of the same.
    3) Your daughters would not face any problems in case they are pursuing their studies abroad. Their results of that country is the base of their eligibility in India also and you will have to go through the eligibility conditions of the organisations operating in our country. Moreover, they can safely settle down in the countries from where they have received their educations.

  • Moving to a new school in another country at such a crucial stage of education can be a significant change for your elder daughter. It may take her some time to adjust to the new environment, new teaching methods, and new classmates. However, if you choose a reputable school with a good academic track record, it could be an enriching experience for her. She will learn to adapt to a new culture, make new friends, and gain a global perspective. Ultimately, it depends on your daughter's personality and how she handles change.

    Yes, your daughters will be eligible to write competitive exams in India from 10th to intermediate if they complete their studies in Uganda. The CBSE syllabus is standardized across the world, and the eligibility criteria for competitive exams in India are based on academic qualifications, not the location of the school.

    Studying in another country can have some disadvantages, such as cultural differences, language barriers, and homesickness. Your daughters may feel out of place initially and struggle to adjust to the new environment. They may miss their friends and family back in India. However, with time and effort, they can overcome these challenges and thrive in the new environment. Additionally, the cost of education in another country may be higher than in India, which is something to consider.

    Overall, moving to another country for education can be a significant decision for your family, and it's essential to consider all the factors involved carefully. You may want to talk to your daughters and involve them in the decision-making process. It's also a good idea to research the schools in Uganda thoroughly and consult with the school authorities to ensure a smooth transition for your daughters.

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