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  • Is CUET better than directly opting for local universities?

    Confused about whether to appear for CUET or whether to apply for admission directly to a university of your choice? Get quick advice and opinions from our experts.

    I was going through the online registration form for the Combined University Eligibility Test (CUET) under NTA and observed that some of my favourite private universities are not listed. If not all universities come under CUET and if we have to directly apply to these universities then why waste time, money, and energy in going to an exam centre in another city and paying once for the entrance exam and then to these universities separately? Isn't it better to directly apply to our local universities like in old times?
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  • First of all, let us analyse the new modality CUET known as Common University Entrance Test for which UGC is giving wide publicity to join all universities to make this umbrella more successful and purposeful to the student community with the elimination of their strain for attempting different multiple tests in the different universities for their admission to different courses.
    National Education System supports the new system CUET specifying that entrance to Higher Education should be made through the common entrance test at the national level so that the uniformity of standard in respect of ability of candidates can be judged.
    This system would provide students multiple options such as 27 subjects and 33 languages apart from General Test to be chosen from. Moreover, they can write the test in any one of languages among 13 languages.
    UGC has requested universities to join a single umbrella of CUET so that the selection of the career of students should be made through the newly formed system.
    There are altogether 1027 universities including 126 deemed to be universities apart from 403 odd private universities.
    So far, there is a confusion among the aspirants regarding the benefits of CUET and even the educationists have their reluctance in introducing CUET due to the following reasons-
    1) It would be too early to take the student community in confidence regarding the new system.
    2) Introduction of such a system is being done without examining its real benefits or loss to the students.
    3) Clarity of the test in the regime of CUET is not clear to the aspirants.
    4) Some academics opine that focus of the government should be to augment seats in the higher education rather than eating the resources in conducting and trying a new regimen with the introduction of CUET.
    Actual benefits of this system can be felt once there is full consensus of all the universities to accept the UGC guideline coming within single umbrella for the benefit of the students. It would take some more time to judge the benefits of CUET.

  • The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is an all-India test being organized by National Testing Agency (NTA). Through this test candidates are granted admission to various Undergraduate, Integrated, Postgraduate, Diploma, Certification courses and Research Programmes in many universities of India.
    The test is conducted to asses the knowledge of the candidate in the chosen subject and his skills in reasoning and aptitude.
    Presently there are about 102 universities including some prestigious universities in our country which are taking students based on their performance in CUET.
    So, if your university of choice is not covered in this list then you will have to apply for that separately in the traditional way.
    Applying separately also has its own downsides. If you do not get admission in one of the universities of your choice then you will have to apply elsewhere. Is not that a cumbersome route?
    Anyway when more universities come under the umbrella of CUET then there would not be any confusion of that sort.

    National Testing Agency has announced a new revisied list of CUET 2023 participating universities . Now, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Footwear Design And Development Institute and few other universities will also use CUET scores to provide admission in UG programmes. Around 102 CUET 2023 participating universities will offer admission to UG programmes through Common University Entrance Test ( CUET ) . Candidates can check the eligibility criteria of CUET participating universities 2023 before applying for the entrance test. CUET is accepted at prestigious universities such as Banaras Hindu University, Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia University, and many more. In CUET 2023 , 44 central universities are participating and offering admission in UG courses

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  • The University Grants Commission in India is advising all central and state university which are having UGC recognition to bring a common entrance test like NEET to all university admissions. So far about 100 universities joined in this common test pattern. So if you want to join any of these 100 colleges you have to opt for Common entrance test that is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). Slowly other universities will also come and join this group. These 100 colleges will not conduct separate entrance test. You have to write CUET if you want admission in any one of these colleges.
    If your choice of university is other than the members in CUET, you have to apply separately for that university and you have to follow the procedure prescribed for that university. In some states one university in that state will conduct an entrance test combinedly for all the State universities in that state. People wanted to join in one such state college in that state should write this examination.
    So first the candidate should decide on the university and accordingly he/ she has to appear for the entrance as prescribed by the university in which he/she wants to join.

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  • Whether CUET is better than directly applying to local universities in India depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

    a) Range of options: Participating in CUET allows you to apply to multiple universities with a single application, expanding your options beyond your local universities. If you're looking for a wider range of options, CUET may be the better choice.

    b) Standardized assessment: CUET provides a standardized and objective assessment of your abilities, which can help level the playing field for all applicants. If you believe you can perform well on a national-level exam, CUET may be the better choice.

    c) Cost: Appearing for CUET can be more expensive than applying directly to a local university. If cost is a major factor for you, it may be better to apply directly to your local universities.

    d) Convenience: Applying directly to local universities may be more convenient since you don't have to travel to an exam center and take the exam on a specific date. If convenience is a major factor for you, it may be better to apply directly to your local universities.

    Ultimately, the decision of whether to participate in CUET or apply directly to local universities depends on your priorities and circumstances. It's important to research and consider all your options before making a decision.

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