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  • Is a diploma in MBA a PG degree or a PG diploma?

    Having doubts about whether or not the MBA course that you completed is a postgraduate degree or diploma? Get quick assistance at this educational portal to clear your doubts.

    I enrolled for an MBA course, without finding out whether it was a degree or diploma course. It was a 1-year course. I did it in India from an average institute. So, what do you think? Is it a PG degree or a PG diploma? There is no mention of a degree on the certificate. It only says Diploma in MBA, and hence I am confused.
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  • Since the certificate clearly states that it is a Diploma, then, yes, obviously it is a Diploma and not a Degree. As for the postgraduate aspect, yes, an MBA, that is, a Master of Business Administration is considered to be a postgraduate qualification.

    Now the aspect that you need to consider is the institute from where you completed this diploma. An MBA Degree program, whether a fast-track one of one year or a regular one of two years, is generally offered by reputed B-Schools, and an MBA qualification through such programs is accepted by potential employers. An MBA Diploma from a lesser-known institute, on the other hand, may possibly not be preferred, especially if it is not a UGC-recognized one. So do check out if both, the institute where you studied, and the course which you completed, is a UGC-recognized one, by vising the UGC website and checking under the list of colleges. Refer-

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  • You need not be confused regarding your earned qualification since it has been clearly indicated as being a diploma in MBA and hence you should be guided by this notification.
    There are certainly some executive programmes consisting of one year duration for the officers working in public undertakings and other organisations, the aspirants are sponsored by the employers to undertake such courses from the different top class management schools. Such courses are of one year duration but its value at par with the regular MBA courses.
    You can verify your qualification whether it is recognised through UGC to assess its real value and any omission in this regard would indicate the same as Diploma.
    I would like to add one more point that MBA course is being run by so many institutions including the distance ones and taking admissions in such courses is nothing but wastage of both time and money.
    Hence you must beware of all such frauds how the fake institutions are luring the innocents.

  • Before taking admission to any institute you must check everything regarding the institute whether it is UGC recognized or not. Whatever degree they are providing, is it genuine or not? After getting full information you should apply for that.
    As mentioned above, your MBA courses have been completed in one year. So, it would be a diploma. In India, many institutes offering a one-year PGDM program, which is equivalent to an MBA in terms of curriculum. It is not a degree. Such kind of institutes is full of market. You should be aware before joining such an institute.

  • The full form of an MBA is a master's of business administration. A Master's degree means it is a PG course only.
    If it is a PG diploma it will be called PGDBA which is a PG diploma in business administration. If it is a diploma means it will be called a DBA. No institute will call a diploma or PGDBA an MBA. So if you have joined MBA means it is a post-graduation only. MBA is a two years course but there are some institutions offering the course in one year called the fast track. I think you joined the MBA program after your Bachelor's degree only.
    Whether it is an MBA or Diploma or PG diploma, the validity of the certificate depends on the Institute you have studied the course. There are many colleges offering MBA courses. Some are having UGC recognition and are affiliated with a university. So you have to check the facts either from your college or university or on the UGC website. If the college is not having recognition. there will not be any use of your certificate.
    There are many colleges having recognition but the standard they maintain is not up to the mark and the certificate may not add any value to you.
    So be careful and check all the facts.

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  • Hello,

    Greetings for the day.

    Based on the information you have provided, it seems like you have completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) rather than a Post Graduate Degree in Management (MBA).

    In India, many business schools and institutes offer a one-year PGDM program, which is equivalent to an MBA in terms of curriculum and academic rigor. However, a PGDM is a diploma course, while an MBA is a degree course.

    The certificate you received stating "Diploma in MBA" suggests that you have completed a PGDM program. If it were an MBA, the certificate would have mentioned "MBA" and would have been a degree.

    To be sure, you can check the program's accreditation and recognition from the relevant authorities or regulatory bodies in India. You can also reach out to the institute you studied in to confirm whether it was a PGDM or an MBA program.

  • Your concern is in fact countable as you have mentioned that you just got a diploma in business management from an average institute, but not an MBA degree. As mentioned by Vandana, you can check out whether the diploma from a so-called institution is worthy. No doubt, the knowledge you have gained will take you into the world of management if you further develop your skill sets required in the field of the same. You can join any organization as a management trainee, but you need to take a challenging job to add value to your career through experience. If you are really interested in this field that has various specializations, such as human resources, banking/finance, consultancy, marketing, etc., you may specialize in the field in which you have done your diploma. If you have the required management skills like project leadership, problem-solving, and effective communication, you can excel in your management career even with a diploma. You may also start a business with the skill sets gained in the PG as many startup businesses have bloomed.

    Keep going. Whatever you have studied, your knowledge would help you to build your career.

  • A postgraduate diploma usually involves the completion of coursework and practical training in a specific field, similar to a master's degree, but without the research component that is required for a full-fledged master's degree. The course you completed seems to fit this description, as it was a one-year program and the certificate you received mentions Diploma in MBA.

    It is important to note that a PG Diploma can still be a valuable qualification, as it provides specialized knowledge and skills in a particular field that can be applied in the workplace. However, it is not equivalent to a full-fledged MBA degree, which typically requires two years of study and includes a research project.

    If you have any further doubts or concerns regarding your qualification, it is recommended that you contact the institute or university where you completed your course and seek clarification.

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