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  • Correction of the date of birth in Admit Card

    Want to correct the mistake in the date of birth in your school record and Admit Card of Class 10? Find out if you require a legal affidavit to do so and how to get the required corrections made.

    I passed Class 10 in 2011 from the ICSE Board. My actual date of birth is 15/01/1996. However, my school record and admit card have the date of birth as 15/01/1994. Can I correct it? Is an affidavit from a magistrate required to prove it to the school? I received a mail from the Council that the change can be done but the school is saying no changes can be done. Can you advise what to do?
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  • You can go for the correction of your date of birth if you have a valid birth certificate given by the authorities.
    The birth certificate given by the authorities is only valid. You passed SSC in 2011. That means it is more than 10 years. So without going to court your work can't be completed.
    You follow the following procedure.
    1. Write to the school in which you have studied your tenth class asking for a correction in your school records. Attach a copy of your birth certificate to the same. They may refuse correction. Ask them to give it in writing.
    2. Then apply to the board for a correction with a copy of your birth certificate, the letter given by the school in which they stated correction is not possible and a copy of your letter to the school authorities.
    3. Then you have to approach the court for doing the needful. You have to file a civil case asking for a declaration and mandatory injunction. The court after going through the set procedure may advise for the correction to the school and the concerned board.
    4. You have to approach a reputed lawyer in your area and explain him the problem and show him the proofs you have. He may advise you suitably and represent your case in court.

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  • Yes, there is always scope of corrections of your date of birth wrongly entered in your school records but for that you must have a valid certificate issued by the Hospital Authorities or a Birth Certificate issued by Gram Pradhan in your favour. The following procedures are to be taken from your end for getting your job done-
    1) First of all, meet your school authorities convincing your points that the date of birth indicated in the school register and admit card is wrong providing them the birth certificate issued by the Hospital Authorities or the birth certificate issued by the gram Pradhan. Hope that they could initiate actions in your favour. Your Headmaster or Principal of your school would intimate the same to the School Board Authorities for issuance of a certificate incorporating your real date of birth.
    2) If the school authorities is refusing to entertain any correction even after the producing the birth certificate, meet a local lawyer for drafting an affidavit on your favour which will be ultimately countersigned and released by the First Class Magistrate.
    3) Once Affidavit is released from the side of the Magistrate , the same has to be notified in both - a local newspaper and an English Newspaper paper for its wide circulation to all concerned.
    4) Retain a the cutting of this advertisement for its use whenever the situation demands.
    5) You may even write to the school Board Authorities for the ultimate correction of your date of birth providing you a duplicate certificate containing your real date of birth. You need to make a demand draft of the requisite amount of fees for this purpose.
    6) You can differ this process of corrections for the time being if the date of commencement of examination is to start shortly. It would be always wise to write the examination first and then initiate your activities for the corrections.

  • It is important to have your correct date of birth reflected on your academic records, as it is a crucial piece of personal identification information.

    1. You can try to correct the date of birth on your school records by following these steps:

    2. Contact your school administration and inform them of the error in your date of birth.

    3. Provide any supporting documents you have, such as your birth certificate, that show your actual date of birth.

    4. If the school administration is unwilling to make the correction, you can escalate the matter to the board or council that governs your school or to the education department in your state or district.

    5. In some cases, an affidavit from a magistrate or notary public may be required to support the correction.

    6. You can also try to contact the Council again and provide them with any relevant information or documents that may help in the correction process.

    It is important to remain patient and persistent throughout this process, as it may take some time to resolve the issue. It is also a good idea to keep a record of all the communication you have with your school and the Council in case you need to refer to it in the future.

    As a last resort, If you want I can share the number of my friend who have changed this spelling in the name for CBSE.

    So chillax, dont worry! There is always a solution.

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  • As mentioned above, your DOB is not correct in the school certificate and you want to change it. So, there is no need to worry about it. You can change it. But, for that, you will have to fulfill some formalities. First, you should contact school authorities and write an application explaining about changing your date of birth and attach a birth certificate where you actual date of birth is there. In this process, you may need an affidavit. If your problem is solved by school administration then it is ok, otherwise, you can even write to the school board for correction.

  • This is an old case and if you approach the school authorities or the council they will be reluctant to do it because of time bar and will tell that beyond certain years they cannot take out the data and do this type of correction. This is what is usually happening with the old students when they are going to their schools for correction in that old data.
    Anyway, there are legal solutions in such cases and one has to approach court and contact a lawyer who will prepare an affidavit in which all these things will be covered and copies of all the documents related to the original date of birth and those where errors and mistakes have reflected will be affixed and that will become a legal document which will be signed by the student as well as countersigned by the magistrate in the court.
    One has to keep that document carefully and wherever one is applying for higher qualification or any job one has to submit the copy of that affidavit along with the educational credentials and other personal data. One has to keep and present that document during the document verification session also so that there is no confusion regarding the errors and mistakes in the high school certificate or marksheet.

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  • Any kind of correction in the mark sheet like correcting the name or correcting the date of birth is no longer very difficult. Earlier times were different. Earlier there was no facility like an online application. The board was also not computerized, so all the work was done manually. But now these tasks have become very easy. You have to write an application for Marksheet Correction and give it to the Principal. He will forward it along with the necessary documents and send it to the Board through the District Inspector of Schools. From there, after name correction, students can get a copy of the secretary's digital signature from the school itself. If still your issue is not resolved then it may possible, you will have to give an application to the court for a solution.

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