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  • How to prepare for English subject for RBI Grade B officer exam?

    Appearing for the RBI Grade B Officer's exam but finding it tough to prepare for the English paper? Get quick tips on how to prepare for and crack the English subject paper.

    The RBI Grade B exam is one of the most reputed exams for aspirants looking to join the banking industry in India. I am also preparing for it and struggling with English subject. How should I prepare for English subject for the RBI Grade B exam so that I can crack the exam easily?
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  • Preparation of any examination calls for consistency and determination and the same is applicable for this examination as well. Keep this thing in your mind that there should not be any lenient approach from your end while preparing for this toughest banking examination in India for which seats are limited apart from its exhaustive syllabus.
    The following points could help you to score impressive marks if followed them religiously-
    1) The preliminary of RBI Grade B consists of 30 questions carrying one mark from the topics related to Fill Up the Blanks, Reading Comprehension, Error Spotting, Para Jumbles and good command over Antonyms and Synonyms, Idioms and Phrases apart from sound knowledge of Vocabulary.
    In context of Fill Up of Blanks, read the questions carefully and choose the best striking your mind closest to the opinions.
    Reading Comprehension would require to go through the given text with the full concentration especially matching the answers to the different questions.
    While attempting the Vocabulary portion, try to eliminate the options which are not relevant to reach out the correct answers.
    2) You have to attempt an essay not exceeding beyond 400 words and at least in this area, you need to achieve your writing skills with the assistance of experts in this portion and you can easily resolve this issue with the approach of a professional institution engaged for imparting the aspirants for their valuable guidelines to improve their skills in this area.
    3) You need to practice Current Affairs from financial and economic stand points.
    4) Read a lot of English Daily especially their editorials such as Hindu, Times of India, Economic Times etc to enrich your writing skills.
    5) Précis Writing can be managed by writing down the summary of the editorials appearing in such dailies and ensure yourself of your proficiency by getting the same evaluated by some experts attached to the professional institution such as Career Launcher.

  • Preparing for the English section of the RBI Grade B officer exam can be a daunting task, but with a proper study plan and the right resources, you can improve your chances of performing well in the exam. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the English section:

    Get familiar with the exam pattern: The first step is to understand the exam pattern and syllabus for the English section. This will help you know what to expect in the exam and what topics you need to focus on.

    Improve your grammar: Brush up on your grammar skills as it is an essential component of the English language. Make sure you know the basics of grammar rules such as tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, and articles.

    Enhance your vocabulary: Develop a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, and books. This will help you expand your vocabulary, which is crucial for the English section. Note down new words and their meanings in a diary, and revise them regularly.

    Practice comprehension: The English section often includes comprehension passages. Practice reading and answering questions on comprehension passages to improve your speed and accuracy.

    Take online mock tests: Taking online mock tests will help you get a feel for the actual exam and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze your performance and work on improving your weak areas.

    Refer to good study material: Use good study material like newspapers, magazines, and reference books for English language and comprehension.

    Focus on time management: The English section is timed, so it's essential to manage your time efficiently during the exam. Practice time management while taking mock tests.

    In conclusion, a well-rounded approach to preparing for the English section of the RBI Grade B officer exam will increase your chances of success. Focus on building a strong foundation of grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills while regularly practicing mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy

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  • To crack a competitive exam you should have strong determination as well as proper planning. Because it is not an easy task to crack the RBI grade B officer exam. Here are some useful tips which may help you in preparing exams are as follows: -
    I. Read the Hindu newspaper and some reputed newspapers regularly as newspapers play important role in making strong grammar as well as vocabulary. You should read one or two good magazines.
    2. Time management: you should fix daily two hours for English practice.
    3. Arrange study material: you should arrange study material accordingly exam. You should practice english with good study material as your chance to be qualified would increase.
    4. Group study: Many times group study is beneficial for bank exams. Make a circle of intelligent friends and start study.
    Last but not least, dedication towards study is key to success.

  • For strengthening your knowledge in English you will have to do some hard work and practice and the starting point would be a good English grammar book. Even the grammar books for class X to XII will suffice for the purpose.
    You can have a feel of the questions by going through the old question papers but that will only act as a sample for you and the real work will be to prepare in an exhaustive manner for the grade B exam.
    Try to develop the habit of writing a few paragraphs daily on a variety of subjects and also try to make a brief of that in your own words. That would help in essay and precis writing.
    Vocabulary cannot be increased in a short time because the mind will not store so many new things at the same time. So learn a few new words but use them regularly in your writing and then they will remain in the memory. Whenever you are writing a paragraph on any subject then please do not repeat the words and always search for a synonym and replace it with that whenever the world reappears in your narration. This is a tested technique and works fine.
    Whenever you get time out of your studies then spare sometime for reading the newspapers and try to write some of those items in brief in few sentences. This hat will help you in memorizing the current events as well as your writing power will enhance.

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  • RBI Officer examination will have two phases. The preliminary exam and Main Exam.
    In both tests, you will have an English subject paper.
    The preliminary exam is a qualifying exam. All the candidates who got the qualifying mark will be allowed to sit for the main Exam. In this phase, the English language paper will have 30 questions and each question will carry one mark. The duration is 25 minutes.
    In Main Examination the 2nd paper is the English paper. The questions will be descriptive in nature. It will have 3 Questions. The duration of the examination is 90 minutes. The total marks are 100.
    The questions for the Preliminary examination will be on Grammar, Vocabulary, Error Spotting, Passage Making, Comprehension, Jumble Words, fill-in-the-blanks, and Sentence Framing.
    The main English test will be designed to test the writing skills of the candidate. The candidate has to write an Essay and Precis in this paper and solve a few questions based on a given comprehension. There is no specific syllabus and questions will be general in nature.
    Try to get some old papers and see the questions in those papers and answer them. This will help you to understand the nature of the question generally asked and the answering methodology.
    Success mainly depends on your writing skills in the English language.
    To improve your knowledge and fare well in English papers, the following tips may be useful.
    1. Take a standard grammar book and practice the 2various topics given in that book.
    2. Read standard English books, newspapers and Journals. While reading you should keep a dictionary with you and see the meanings of the unknown words. Note those words and their meanings in a notebook and make some sentences using those words. This exercise will improve your vocabulary and also writing skills.
    3. Practice writing on current issues and other important topics. This will make you conversant in writing essays and paragraph answers.
    4. Read some English textbooks. After completing each chapter make a summary of each chapter and there will be some questions given in the textbooks. Try to answer them. Read in such a way that you will understand the whole chapter.
    5. Try to answer some model question papers. While answering, give importance to time management also. Answer as many as possible so that you will get accustomed to answering the question paper in a systematic and time-bound way.
    6. If you know any person who was successful in this examination or any other competitive examination, discuss with him and take his suggestions.
    7. Take the help of an English Lecturer or Teacher who is good at teaching to get your doubts cleared.
    8. If you have any friends who are also attending this examination, you can discuss it with them also so that mutual benefit will be there.

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  • I will try to provide you specific guidance for the English section of RBI Grade B Officers' Examination.
    To become successful in any competitive examination, it is very much necessary to understand the scheme of examination. RBI Grade B Examination is a much sought-after examination for many job aspirants. It is conducted in two phases. The first (preliminary) phase is qualifying in nature. The second (main) phase is the real competition. Both the phases test the knowledge of English.
    The syllabus:
    The English topics for Phase-I Exam are:
    (a) Reading Comprehension
    (b) Cloze Test
    (c) Error Spotting
    (d) Synonyms and Antonyms
    (e) Idioms and Phrases
    Regular Practice is very important for Reading Comprehension section of the examination. In order to understand the paragraph and the questions well, the candidates need to read it several times.
    Cloze Test consists of grammar and vocabulary topics like noun, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, adjective, tense, subject-verb agreement, clauses, idioms and phrases, and others. The questions are formed with clues hidden in them.
    To spot the errors, it is important to have the right understanding of grammar and vocabulary. It needs regular practice.
    Total Number of English Questions : 30 (preliminary)
    Books preferred by successful candidates: Plinth to Paramount, Wren & Martin, S.P. Bakshi

    Grade-B English examination is of descriptive type. They will test writing skills of the candidates. Questions will be on contemporary social and economic issues. Not only regular practice of writing essays, but also in-depth knowledge on these issues is necessary. The ability to express oneself and the understanding of the topic are tested. Candidates must stick to the word-limits of 400 words.

    (Those who want further details, may contact this member who has given the present answer.)

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  • The focus point in banking exams in the context of English is comprehension, vocabulary and Grammar. These exams become especially tricky for students who don't have good reading habits. Candidates who have habits of reading newspapers, novels and competitive magazines don't find much difficulty in this subject, but it is never too late. And as you said you want to take this exam. So the best thing is to start reading newspapers on a daily basis, especially the sections which are related to banking news, editorials and national and international news. And not just reading but reading to understand where you find difficult words. Write down their meaning and not just the literal meaning but meaning with context so that you can also use it while communicating. This will not only boost your vocabulary but also improve your comprehension. This will cover your synonym and antonym aspect of the question paper. Also reading the newspaper daily will also help you to detect grammatical usage if you read carefully, but while reading the newspaper, your main focus should be on comprehension and vocabulary. Another aspect is to understand grammatical rules and be able to use them to find errors.
    After forming a base, you should take mock tests on a daily basis and record your performance to show that you can better self introspect where you are going wrong and what are areas where you need to work on.
    Focus on the weak areas and try doing them again and again.

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