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  • Which Grade should I join as per my date of birth

    Confused about the school class you should be in as per your date of birth? Get quick information about your eligibility for the next grade.

    My date of birth is 13.05.2014. I wish to know which grade I am eligible to join. I am in the 4th Grade and wish to kknow if I am eligible to join the 5th Grade for the year 2022-23.

    Also, what will be may age when I am in Class 10?
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  • The date of birth is 13.05.2014.
    That means you will be completing your 9th year by the 13th of May, this year.
    The admissions for 2022-23 are already over and the academic year will be ending by this month's end. So you can't join the 5th class this academic year.
    Now you are in the 4th class. That means you will be in the 5th class automatically in the year 2023-24. That means you will be in the 10th class in the year, 2029-30. By that time you will be almost completing your 16th year.
    The minimum age limit for admission to the 10th class is the completion of the 14th year. If you complete your 6th class in the year 2023-24 also, you will not have any problem with your 10th class examination.

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  • In India, the typical age for students to appear in Class 10 board exams is minimum 14 years. However, the age may vary depending on individual circumstances such as academic performance and previous grade promotions. Additionally, some students may choose to take the exam at an earlier or later age due to various reasons, such as taking a gap year, repeating a grade, or accelerating their academic progress.

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